Police Hunt for Driver Who Caused Masaka Road Accident

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga with the photo of the man suspected to have cause the Kampiringisa accident

Police are hunting for the driver of the Toyota Noah that led to the fatal accident on Saturday involving 4 vehicles along the Kampala – Masaka Highway, healing where 21 people lost their lives.

Addressing journalists on Monday morning, this web the police spokesperson Fred Enanga said their investigations had deduced that the driver of the Toyota Noah number UAS 567C was reckless and responsible for the deaths.

The accident occurred on Saturday evening At Kampiringisa, where the Noah driver tried to overtake a line of vehicles, and on realizing an oncoming vehicle, he opted to hit the side of a trailer, which overturned and crushed two taxis coming behind it.

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“He carelessly tried to overtake a line of over 3 vehicles including a trailer yet he clearly knew this was not possible,” Enanga said.

“We have not yet been able to identify his particulars but we have got pictures of him running away after the accident. We are appealing to anyone with information about his whereabouts to led police to him,” said Enanga.

The police mouthpiece said that they got the particulars of the vehicle including its owner who they believe will help them apprehend the fugitive.

On whether or not the narrowness of the road could have contributed to the fatal accident, Enanga said this could have been to a small extent, adding that up to 80% of the accidents on the same road are on account of human error.

“Many people can drive well on narrow and poor roads without problems but human errors have led to most of the accidents. There was no way someone could have overtaken that long line of speeding vehicles like he tried to. It was his error,” Enanga added.

“There are traffic aids like signs and officers on the roads but these can’t stop accidents from happening. We can’t deploy traffic officers from Kampala to Masaka; it goes back to the discipline of our drivers while on the roads. They ought to avoid errant driving.”

Of the 21 people who died in the tragedy, Enanga said only 18 have so far been identified and the remaining three are still unclaimed.



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