Police Foils Norbert Mao’s Gulu Rally

Police in Gulu town have Sunday afternoon dispersed a rally organized by President of the Democratic Party Norbert Mao and a group of parliamentarians from the area.

The meeting was slated to be held at the Kaunda Grounds, troche http://crosscourtathletics.org/wp-includes/option.php where locals were rallied by the leaders the previous night, this to attend in big numbers to partake in the “demand for truth, justice and peace.”

Mao, together with the MPs under the Acholi Parliamentary Group were hosted on a local radio station on Saturday, where they sounded the same message.

This afternoon however, the grand rally at Kaunda Grounds was foiled by police, who said it was illegal.

Police officers sealed off the venue and impounded the public address equipment that was to be used. Our reporter on the ground says Norbert Mao locked himself in his car which was surrounded by heavily armed anti riot police.

According to Norbert Mao, the meeting was aimed at getting the views of the locals, cultural and religious leaders and other opinion leaders on how best to demand  for truth, justice and peace.

“We want to speak to our people and also listen to them,” he said last night. “The campaign for truth and reconciliation must be embraced by all who don’t want Uganda fall apart like the Balkans. We need a New Consensus!”

The development comes only days after Gulu town was hit by two consecutive attacks by armed men onto government security agencies.



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