Police Fire Brigade Prepares for Thursday Polls

Different teams have been put together from various rescue  and emergency organizations to handle any disaster tomorrow

The Directorate of Fire Prevention and Rescue services from Uganda Police  in conjunction with the office of the Ministry of Disaster preparedness and other organizations has put in place a standby rescue team to respond to any case of emergency during tomorrow’s election

While addressing journalists at Fire Brigade Headquarters at Clock Tower, patient generic the head of the directorate AIGP Joseph Mugisa called upon the public to cooperate with this team to ensure that there are no people and property lost during this electoral period.

“We have partnered with various organizations like UMEME which has provided us standby Engineers, online KCCA gave us several excavators and trucks, while Uganda Red cross has brought in an Emergency rescue team with standby Ambulances”

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Mugisa adds that various individuals have offered their machinery like recovery trucks, bulldozers, ambulances and water tanks to ensure that people together with their property though the day.

“We have been running program on different special events like the recently concluded Popal Visit, Scouts celebrations which were held in Kazi last year, the KCCA city carnival and other events from which we have succeeded in ensuring safety”

Mugisha further called upon the members of the public to report any case of emergency as soon as it erupts in the community so that their emergency team can handle it in time.

The Emergency numbers for Fire Brigade are 0800121222,  toll free 0417712205 for Ministry of Health Ambulance services, 6700 for National Emergency coordination center, 0711042193 and 0414342223 for Uganda Red cross society, 0800100977,0800200977 toll free for National water and sewerage cooperation.



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