Police Drivers Cautioned on Bad Driving

SCP Felix Ndyomugyenyi speaking to the police drivers in Mbarara on Saturday

Senior Commissioner of Police Felix Ndyomugyenyi has warned police drivers in the country against reckless driving.

Ndyomugyenyi sounded the warning during police drivers’ defensive training organized by VIVO Energy.

The fuel company was giving back to Uganda Police; their biggest customer for over half a century.

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The training which started in Kampala is being taken to different parts of the country.

Ndomugyenyi said the training was organized in response to growing complaints about reckless police driving and road accidents in which lives have been lost.

“Police has the biggest fleet of vehicles on our roads and it needs professional drivers to harness safety on roads. In any case it is police which enforces traffic rules, decease ” Ndyomugyenyi said.

“Such trainings do awake police officers who after a long time tend to forget the rules.”

Ndyomugyenyi emphasized that police officers must always lead by example not only on the road but in all aspects.

“It’s true most of their work is urgent, but often times they misuse their privilege and put on sirens even when there is no emergency.’

Ndyomugyenyi also highlighted the challenge of understaffing, noting that most drivers are often times overstretched and exhausted. Some of them he said end up using drugs in order to cope.

The training was attended by over 140 police drivers from the 3 regions of Bushenyi, Masaka and Greater Mbarara.


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