Police Deploys at Crane Bank Amidst BOU Take Over Rumor

Heavy Police deployment at Crane Bank (Photo by: Nixon Segawa/ChimpReports)

Police have heavily deployed at the Headquarters of Crane Bank Uganda on Kampala Road, unhealthy amidst reports that the Bank is being taken over by the Central Bank.

An official from Crane Bank informed us on phone that Police deployed outside of the building “for unknown reasons”

“I see a lot of deployment outside, see I don’t know what is going on, I need to get more details first.” An official from the Sales Department informed us.

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Bank of Uganda this afternoon called an impromptu press conference, in which the development was expected to be announced.

Chimpreports understands that the Bank’s other branches were also affected by the deployment early this morning.

At the Mbarara Branch, the area DPC Taban Chiriga told Chimpreports that they had received a directive to deploy at the Bank, “while awaiting officials communication from the Bank.



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