Police Criticized for Inhumane Arrest of FDC Leaders

Policewomen arrest one of FDC's NEC members Zaina Fatuma at Kanyaryeru on Saturday

The Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, unhealthy Dr. Kizza Besigye and other party officials who were detained at Kaguta road Police Station in Kiruhura district have been released.

The officials had a dramatic day with the police which stopped them from proceeding to Rukungiri town where they had planned a big rally.

Most of Besigye’s colleagues including Members of Parliament Paul Mwiru, Patrick Amuriat and other party officials were arrested in the second police interception point at Kanyaryeru about 20 kilometers to Mbarara town and were detained at the nearby Sanga police station.

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Dr. Besigye locked himself and remained in his V8 Land Cruiser as his colleagues were being picked and taken to police cells.

After exhausting all means in vain, police sought the help of a breakdown truck that towed  Besigye’s vehicle to the police station.

At few minutes to 5am, an order was reportedly made from the police headquarters in Kampala for the release Besigye and his colleagues who were detained at the same facility.

The order followed an unannounced visit by officials from the Danish Embassy to the same police unit.

“The doctor has been released and everyone who were here. We are yet to decide on the next course of action but we are more likely returning back to Kampala,” One of the activists said.

The police deputy spokeswoman, Polly Namaye earlier told ChimpReports on phone that the FDC leaders were only taken for questioning following a road accident on Saturday morning.

Several vehicles in the opposition convoy from Kampala to Rukungiri crashed at Nkoni along Masaka-Mbarara highway when a police officer allegedly threw a metallic thorny barrier on the road.

In Kigali, recipe Rwanda

Ugandan Ambassador to Rwanda, pharm Mr Richard Kabonero has rallied the private sectors of the two neighbouring countries to exploit opportunities in the budding oil sector.

Kabonero revealed on Friday night that a study by Toyota Tsusho Corporation on the development of a crude oil pipeline from the refinery in Hoima to the seaport on the Indian Ocean has been completed.

“We appeal to the private sector to participate in our oil and gas sector, sick ” said Kabonero at Kigali Serena Hotel during celebrations to mark Uganda’s 53rd Independence Day.

“Private sector participation is expected in upstream in production, midstream refinery and pipelines and downstream associated industries like petrol chemicals distribution and storage,” he added.

Uganda recently registered 17 companies for the Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, Development and production of six blocks within the Albertine Graben in Uganda.

Already there are indications that Uganda will use its natural gas (LNG) from the Albertine Graben to generate electricity and refine iron ore mined in the country, multiplying investment opportunities in the energy sector.

With the current 85 percent success rates of discovering commercially viable oil and gas resources, there is high probability that more commercially viable oil and gas reserves could be discovered in the unlicensed areas.

“We appeal to our private sector to match and exceed these efforts through cross border investment trade and tourism,” said Kabonero.

Bankrolled by several companies including Crane Bank, Knight Frank and Rwandair among others, the event attracted Ugandans from all walks of life to celebrate the Independence Day.

Uganda was declared free from the British colonialists on October 9, 1962.

The post-independence era was characterized by conflict and economic turmoil.

President Museveni’s seizure of power in 1986 would later set the country on a strong path of economic recovery and political stability.

Kabonero said Ugandans are celebrating this “53rd year journey with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and look towards a brighter and prosperous future with optimism for our country, region and continent.”

He said Uganda remains committed to a stronger united East Africa that is able to claim its right place on the continent and in the community of nations.

Rwanda ties

Kabonero stated that at a bilateral level, Uganda’s deep and historical ties remain strong.

“We share a common abhorrence to injustice and remain committed to independence of our people and charting our own destiny. We in Uganda are deeply concerned with the proliferation of non-state actors,” he added.

The Ambassador saluted the government and people of Rwanda for their “unwavering commitment to protection of vulnerable population and victims of conflict throughout the world.”

On her part, Mushikiwabo paid a special tribute to Uganda for the loss of Ministers James Mutende, Aronda Nyakairima and Gen Ali Bamuze who passed on recently.

She further said Rwanda remains committed to bolstering bilateral trade and working together to strengthen regional security.

The Minister said Rwanda and Uganda will “continue working together and succeed together,” recalling the recent achievements in the Northern Corridor infrastructure projects.

On the 2016 elections, Mushikiwabo said Rwanda is “confident the most important political events will go smoothly and we will continue to support the government and people of Uganda.”

She concluded by reaffirming the commitment of President Paul Kagame, government and people to strengthen the two countries’ relationship and “common purpose that drives us and mutual benefits of our people and this region.”

Integration projects

Meanwhile, Kabonero said the Northern Corridor Integration projects framework has accelerated joint efforts in improving infrastructure, power generation, ICT and reducing the cost of doing business in our region.

“The Northern Corridor partner states have also embarked on construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line from Mombasa to Kigali with a link to South Sudan,” said Kabonero.

He said apart from the launching of the construction of the SGR in Uganda on 8 October 2014, an engineering procurement contract for Eastern and Northern section was signed in March 2015 and an MoU in the Southern route was completed.

Regarding the 2016 general elections, Kabonero moved to “reassure our neighbors that the government is committed to ensuring peace and stability continues during the process.”

He also praised the government and people of Rwanda for the “visible and accelerated pace of development in the country,” adding, “Rwanda’s extraordinary achievements have positively impacted the whole region.”

The dinner was spiced up by the hilarious MC Marcus Kwikiriza, cultural dancers and singer Lilian Mbabazi.
The Uganda Police Force have ruled out any acts of racial segregation in the murder of one Michael Fernandez, viagra an Indian who was on Friday attacked by thugs while returning home.

According to police publicist Fred Enanga, Fernandez who was in company of three others, was by iron-bar hit-men who pounced on him while the rest scampered for their lives.

“They were returning home at around 11:30 pm when they were raided by thugs and the Indians ran for their dear lives. Meanwhile, the hit men chased Fernandez as they demanded for money and hit him on the head,” Enanga told journalists on Monday morning in Kampala.

The police publicist said they arrived a few minutes at the scene a few minutes after the incident but that the victim had been rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“We regret the incident and have put full resources in the investigation of the matter but we rule out any act of racial segregation to the Indian community in Uganda,” Enanga said.

“The incident was an isolated case perpetuated by a gang of iron bar thugs who target victims in vulnerable situations but not motivated by color, race or skin complexion.”

Enanga said that the body of the deceased has been flown back to India for burial and the police have released a preliminary report to the Indian community.

He emphasised that investigations are in high gear to apprehend the suspects in the murder.

He said Police’s Flying Squad have obtained leads on perpetuators of the crime who are suspected of operating from the suburbs of Kamwokya, Kisaasi and Kyanja up to Kalerwe.

He cautioned the public against moving in isolated areas most especially at night.

Angry voices emerged last evening following disturbing images and footage of an operation that saw a number of opposition leaders and residents arrested and detained in Lyantonde and Kiruhura districts in western Uganda.

Police yesterday, side effects on orders of the Inspector General Gen Kale Kayihura, order intercepted FDC officials on the Masaka Mbarara highway, physician to hold them from proceeding with a rally in Rukungiri district that was not permitted.

The aftermath was a number of seriously damaged cars, gunshot wounds and pictures of a woman stripped naked by police officers during the arrest.

The woman has been identified as Fatuma Zaina, a member of the FDC National Executive Committee, who in the September Delegates Conference was elected the party’s secretary for environment and natural resources.

Besigye car at Kaguta road police station

Besigye car at Kaguta road police station

Fatuma’s pictures quickly spread like wild fire on social media and sparked a barrage of pointed words against the police from both the opposition and human rights defenders.

“Uganda Police today you have stripped our country of dignity. Nothing justifies undressing a woman. You are morons.  Uganda doesn’t serve you,” went some of the angry responses.

Zaina Fatuma was  stripped naked by Police officers

Zaina Fatuma was stripped naked by Police officers

“The reason we are alive is because we rejected police orders under Amin. You guys are no different.”

A number of commemorators also expressed fear over what lies ahead, as the country moves closer to the 2016 general elections

Mrs Fatuma, isn’t the first FDC female leaders to suffer gross humiliation at the hands of the police. Activists Hamidah Nassimbwa, Chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe, and MP Nabilah Naggayi have similar ordeals to recount.

Some people suffered rubber bullet injuries during the scuffle

Some people suffered rubber bullet injuries during the scuffle

“What was done is not just demeaning to Fatuma but to all women in this country,” remarked Ingrid Turinawe.

“We know that such actions are meant to intimidate and scare women from being active citizens, from taking part in the affairs that affect their country,” she added.

Earlier in the day, the same police force was accused by the FDC leaders en route to Rukungiri, of making an attempt on their lives.

Some of the FDC officials that were momentarily detained

Some of the FDC officials that were momentarily detained

About five cars were severely damaged in an accident, at Nkoni in Lwengo district, after a police officer allegedly threw a thorn barricade on the highway, ripping the tires of the third car in the convoy, while the trailing ones crashed on it. The police officer who placed the barrier reportedly fled the scene afterwards.

Police in defense however, blamed the officials’ drivers who couldn’t stop in time to avoid the barrier.

“We suspect that one of the vehicles could have had a mechanical fault with its brakes that made the car fail to stop at the barricade,” said Police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye.

Police also said the action taken was inevitable after the opposition leaders disregarded the IGP’s directives.

“We urge the public to comply with police directives for the purpose of order. If any officer on duty directs you please comply immediately.”

Leader of opposition Hon Wafula Oguttu, who survived this accident called this police’s retaliation a ‘big lie.’

“There was no road block,” he said.  “The truth is that after LOP’s two cars and that of Hon. Taaka passed. RPC Ogwal ordered sudden throwing of tyre cutters across the road just seconds before the rest of the cars arrived. Their target was Dr Kizza Besigye’s car. That was the reason six cars bumped into each other in a row. I believe they wanted to kill or harm KB with the others as collateral damage.”

The Leader of Opposition says the party would have to sue the police for the damaged cars.

Later in the day, Oguttu together with Col Kizza Besigye and the party Chairman Waswa Biriggwa were briefly detained in Kiruhura district a few miles from Mbarara town.

Besigye was later driven back to Kampala by Police

Besigye was later driven back to Kampala by Police

Others who were locked up were party spokesperson Semujju Nganda, Busia MP Kevina Taaka, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru, Kumi MP Patrick Amuriat Oboi and a host of youth leaders as well as local residents who expressed dissatisfaction at the scene.

These were however, released later in the evening and forced to return to Kampala, Besigye said his program to visit Rukungiri would continue as planned.




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