Police Closes Gal’s Sports Betting

After the failure of Uganda People Congress (UPC) to nominate a candidate for Member of Parliament from Buganda Region, purchase the party has announced plans to resume reconciliation talks with the Kingdom authorities.

The party Secretary General, generic Edward Sseganyi told ChimpReports that the failure to nominate a candidate in Buganda region is not difficult to explain.

“The history of Uganda shows that in 1966 while UPC was in government, a crisis erupted between the Kabaka and Milton Obote which led to the fleeing of the Kabaka,” Sseganyi said.

He added that unfortunately, the subsequent events didn’t permit the healing and reconciliation between UPC and Buganda Kingdom.

“UPC is aware of the fact that there is need to reconcile with Mengo government, since this is affecting us politically. We are working out all possible ways to reconcile our country men and women in Buganda region,” he added.

Sseganyi noted that the current party president and a son to the party founder, Akena is set to further reconciliation between the two parties.

“The former party president, Maama Miria Kalule Obote met with the former Prime Minister of Buganda, Dan Muliika and apologized for all that transpired in the crisis and the Prime Minister accepted the apology,” Sseganyi said.

He added that the party is taking all relevant steps to reconcile with Buganda but it will take time.

Currently the partly is not permitted to field a single candidate as a Member of Parliament within the Buganda region.

Sseganyi regretted that the past is still haunting the party and a major hindrance to the party popularity in the country since Buganda is the heart of the country’s politics.

UPC since its birth has been grounded in the Lango sub region; however, Sseganyi noted that the party is currently increasing its visibility in Teso sub region, in Kigezi and West Nile.
Police has Monday closed Gal’s sports betting outlet on Market Street, Kampala after failing to pay its customers.

This closure followed complainants from a number of clients possessing tickets which showed they had won but the betting company was not willing to pay them.

They had tickets with cash prizes ranging from Shs 60,000 to  Shs 2.5 million, which the management of the company has refused to pay, saying it was a betting error that occurred with their machines.

Zampo, one of the winners claiming their reward said, “If the machines got an error, its not our problem. Let them pay us our money because they are not banks that we give money for safe keeping. I want them to pay me the Shs 25M that I won.”

The top managers of the betting company blamed the system error on changes in weather in Europe which led to changes in fixtures of different matches during this festive season.

The Deputy Metropolitan Police commander, Godfrey Kahebwa intervened in the matter before the escalation of the situation.

He ordered for closure of the Branch at Market Street until the management solves the issues with its clients.

“The situation in the city has been calm throughout this festive season so we cannot allow these people to destabilize the peace,” Kaheebwa said.

He also ordered for the arrest of some of the Gal’s betting staff. These are Brian  Nsubuga, Jane Mutesi,  Mable Namyalo, Rogers Barungi and  Herbert Namugera.

The staff that were arrested are being held at CPS in Kampala where they are expected to record statements.

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