Police Blocks Mugisha Muntu Rally in Kisoro

Forum for democratic change President Rtd. Major General Gregory Mugisha Muntu was on Monday blocked by police in Kisoro from holding a rally at Kisoro mayor’s gardens.

Police led by the Kisoro district police commander (DPC) ASP Edgar Akankwasa, hospital blocked the rally in the mayor’s garden in the Municipality saying that the place was not fit for the occasion, dosage this being a market day.

This forced the former army commander to take the rally in the middle of the town where he addressed the people telling them that they needed to remain and prepare for the coming change

Gen. Muntu said that even thought the FDC party flag bearer Rtd Col. Dr Besigye has finished campaigning in the south western district, website like this he didn’t get to some areas and that he as the party president had come in and fill the gap.

“As a party president it was right for me to visit areas that were not covered in the previous rally by the party flag bearer Dr. Kiiza Besigye.” said Gen. Muntu.

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