Police Block Journalists from Attending Mumbere Bail Hearing

Kira region RPC Onesmus Mwesigwa (R) today stopped reporters from entering Jinja High Court

Police has stopped journalists and other members of the public from accessing the Jinja High court for the hearing of the bail application filed by Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere.

Police on Monday afternoon led by Kira region RPC Onesmus Mwesigwa said no one could be allowed inside the courtroom.

“You will only be allowed after court, viagra approved ” said police officers, click barring all reporters outside the court from entering.

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By publication time, stomach the accused King Mumbere had arrived at the court to the hearing of the application before Justice Michael Erubu.

Last month, Mumbere who was charged afresh with more terrorism and treason charges after being freed on bail, replied for bail through his team of lawyers led by Caleb Alaka.


Later on at around half past 2PM, the police gave in and the let the reporters inside the court house.

It emerged that the police were compelled to release the reporters, after an order came from the Court registrar that the session was open to the public.


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