Police Bans Use of Its Officers to Guard Private Homes

As part of its rectification campaign launched a few weeks ago, page the police force have banned use of its own men to guard private homes and other privately owned facilities.

Police officers have on several occasions been seen guarding private homes and other other facility’s, advice presumably of those with the strongest financial muscle.

The police’s Professional Standards Unit boss Fortunate Habyara however, look revealed today that the practice is illegal and that whoever will be found repeating it will be prosecuted.

“Only VIPs as specified under public service are entitled to these police guards and not any other private individual,” Habyara said on Monday afternoon.

He added that police is mandated to provide security to the communities and this can be done through routine patrols but not at premises of private individuals as has always been perpetuated by some officers.

“We have started arresting officers found doing this illegal act. Even their commanders who deploy them and at the end of the day get money from the facility owners will face the wrath of the law.”

Habyara however clarified that ordinary individuals if they follow the right procedures, they can under rare circumstances be given police guards. This would be especially if that person’s life is endangered.

The new directive, Habyara said is part of the efforts intended to restore professionalism into the Uganda Police Force. He urged the public to report any private individual other than VIPs seen with police guards at their premises.

In the same vein, Habyara said the force has started a countrywide campaign to arrest police officers engaged in soliciting and taking bribes.

He noted that the rectification campaign meant to clear the police image would also see professional standards enhanced among officers throughout the country.

“We have arrested a number of officers involved in corruption and receiving of bribes and those involved in sale and distribution of illegal drugs. We urge the public to continue reporting officers engaged in similar vices to help discipline them accordingly,”Habyara said.




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