Police Arrests 3 for Killing Elephant in Murchison Falls N.P

An elephant which was discovered dead in Murchison Falls national park

Police in Nwoya district is holding 3 men in custody for suspected poaching of wildlife as it searches for the gun used to kill an elephant in Anaka village.

The three men in their mid-30s identified as Ayella Bob, information pills Okello Eric and Otema Justin residents of Anaka village were found in posession of 27 kilograms worth of ivory and were pursuing market.

Officials of the Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) learnt about the sale for ivory and tipped off police which led to the apprehension of the suspects.

The trio confessed to NRCN, page that they found a dead elephant in the Murchison Falls national park and swiftly removed its tusks given their valuable ivory.

One of the suspects, Otema, said they were going to sell the tusks at Ugsh 300,000 for each kilogram of the 27 kilograms.

The three suspects display the elephant tusks weighing 27 kilograms

The three suspects display the elephant tusks weighing 27 kilograms

According to Nwoya police, the suspects will be kept in police custody as investigations go on to find the weapon used as well as the killer before they are arraigned before courts of law as stipulated in the Uganda Wildlife Act.

Poachers target ivory whose demand has increased on both local and international markets. Elephants are one of the original ‘Big Five’ game animals that attract tourists to  Uganda for a safari.

Killing of these elephants is a major setback to both conservation and tourism gains made in the last few decades. Although around the world, elephants are under threat with an increased demand for ivory, conservation agency estimates show that elephant numbers have decreased by 62% over the last decade.

Reports reveal that legal ivory market especially in Asia fuel ivory smuggling and elephant poaching. It is estimated that, half a dozen elephants are killed every year by ivory hunters from the national parks like Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchsion, Bwindi among others in Uganda.


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