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Police Arrest Anti-immunization Cult Followers


Police in Kibuku District have arrested two people who have boycotted the polio vaccination campaign that is being carried out in 73 high risk districts.

The exercise which is ending today Monday commenced on September 9 and it is conducted house to house.

Bukedi Region Police Spokesperson, Sowali Kamulya, identified the duo as Elidadi Mogombeshe, 31, and a one Rose, 40, all residents of Majara Kagumu sub-county in Kibuku District.

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The police mouthpiece revealed that “these people belong to a group called Kanyiriri religion which does not allow; immunizing their children, spraying their house, taking their children to school, going to hospital.”

The cult is also against handling money, making cash transactions on ATMs, registering for national IDs and “they never registered.”

The duo is currently held at Kibuku Police Station for “refusing government programs”, which according to Police is “criminal.”

“… they refused their children to be immunized, as police we had to arrest them,” the Police spokesman said.

He also stated that they had previously arrested and taken them to court for refusing to spray their houses.

“As police we sound a warning to all people who sabotage government programs to start supporting them if not they will all be arrested,” Kamulya warned.


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