Police Airlifts Ntungamo Clash Victims to Mulago

Some of the clash victim board the police chopper to Mulago Hospital

Embattled Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) president Dr Olara Otunu has accused President Yoweri Museveni and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura for protecting the ‘illegitimate’ stay of Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena at the party’s headquarters masquerading as the party president elected.

This comes after High Court’s Justice Yasin Nyanzi ruled that the election of Akena as party president was null and void since the party never convened a Delegates Conference to have him approved despite winning the District Conference elections.

While addressing the media at Speke Hotel in Kampala, capsule Otunnu emphasized that the court ruling simply maintained his known legitimate presidency.

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Asked when he would take over the office current occupied by Jimmy Akena’s government, rx Otunnu responded that this would have happened on Friday when the ruling was made only to be hindered by the state machinery that is protecting Akena’s leadership.

“This would have happened after the court ruling on Friday but Museveni and Kale Kayihura have provided armed police men to protect Akena and block the legitimate party leadership from occupying office,” Otunnu answered.

“It was clearly seen while police and Akena’s group stormed my office and pushed me out; Museveni supported the coup de tat that was executed against the party leadership to fulfill his aim of destroying UPC party,” Otunnu said.

“We advised members against dealing with Akena because he is a known NRM mole but they wouldn’t listen. Good enough president Museveni himself came out and clarified the matter when he revealed that they were in an alliance with Akena.”

He added that in the due course, he would re-occupy his office at 6th Floor Uganda House to continue with party duties.

The Vice President, Joseph Bossa added that as court advised to have the matters resolved through party organs, these organs shall soon convene to have the matters laid off.

Bossa revealed that their leadership is ready to hand over power to the new leadership that would be genuinely and constitutionally elected.

He clarified that the legitimate UPC has never had an alliance with president Museveni and will never have such arrangements.
Police has dispatched one of its recently acquired helicopters to pick some of the victims of yesterday’s clash between supporters of Presidential candidates Yoweri Museveni and Amama Mbabazi in Ntungamo district; for better treatment.

The brawl which occurred on Sunday evening after Museveni’s supporters tried to interfere in Mbabazi’s scheduled rallies in the area, information pills left several people nursing injuries.

Two arrests according to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga have been made to help in the investigations.

The victims, ampoule most of whom had been hospitalized with open wounds were airlifted to Mulago Referral Hospital according to reports.

The development came after the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayirura, who at the time of the fight was in neighboring Mbarara, rushed to the area to assess the situation.

Police today promised to provide a full report of the incident in a short while.


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