Pilot League Was a Success – Woodball CEO

Woodball CEO John Baptist Kateregga also plays for Botladz Woodball club.

The first ever local Woodball league came to be successful climax last Saturday with Botladz and Zoe Woodball club emerging winners in the men’s and ladies respectively.

Uganda Woodball federation CEO Mr. John Baptist Kateregga believes the league was generally a success as he highlighted the season to ChimpSport.

“Piloting was generally a success, adiposity ” Kateregga started. “First it filled the activity vacuum that usually exists between May and August.”

“In terms of competition, we saw an improved UNEB Woodball Team and others whose confidence was boosted by participating in the League. Players are now comfortable with fairway competitions that need a lot of concentration and have perfected their tee-shots and swings. The game is becoming more tactical than technical.

The federation previously organized tournaments in form of circuits and according to the CEO this league just came up and the decided to make a shot though the results had several shortcomings to be ironed.

“The League was not on the UWbF Calendar 2016. This affected teams and players in terms of funding. Players had to mobilize their own finances to participate and competition was limited to MUBS which was accessible to all.”

On the better side, the federation has assured that Moving forward the League will be officially approved by the UWbF Congress in January 2017 and competition will start in February 2017.

Raymond Ssemata and Mary Athieno were crowned the most valuable players in the respective categories. Ten men and seven ladies participated in the league.


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