Pigs Protesters are Besigye Apologists – Nsereko

The Jobless Brotherhood youths unleash sacks of pigs at Parliament last week

The youth demonstrators who last week sought to depict members of the 10th Parliament as pigs, clinic are on the pay roll of the opposition figures.

This is according to Kampala Central Member of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Nsereko who has been at the center of the demonstration by members of the infamous Jobless Brotherhood.

The youth group whose two members are on remand for dumping piglets in party colors at the Parliament; has been involved in similar actions in the past, information pills with the aim of showing that MPs are as greedy as swine.

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The demonstration last Thursday was in response to reports that members of parliament were set receive up to Shs. 200million each for a car, on top of among other allowances for their own funerals.

Speaking this morning in a televised interview, the Kampala MP Muhammad Nsereko said he was not surprised by the youths’ actions.

He noted however that all this was part of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s campaigns in its fight against the ruling government. He noted that the group was unhappy with him because he didn’t support the opposition in the past.

“This is defiance,” he said while appearing on NBS TV. “I don’t support defiance.”

The MP was concerned that while the demonstration was supposed to be about parliament, the protesters singled out only a few individuals, including himself.

Even the people that jumped on this pigs matter over social media, Nsereko noted are all “Besigye apologists.”

He noted however, “This is not new; in politics it is possible and I don’t blame them in any way because these are young men that are being given something.”

He added, “I studied in Europe and I have seen this. Even the US president was once drawn in an effigy of a pig.”


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