PIBID’s Tooke Product Ready to Hit the Market on Large Scale

PIBID patron, Museveni inspecting  the Tooke products' stall at the launch of the trade show

Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID), case the producers of ‘Tooke flour’ are ready to launch the product to the local and global market if enough timely funding is availed.

The product is one of the many exhibited at the 24th Source of the Nile Agricultural show currently on in Jinja.

“Matooke is a staple food in Uganda mainly consumed as a fresh starchy food that is wrapped in banana leaves, recipe steamed for several hours, mashed and re-steamed until it is ready to be served,” Rev. Dr. Florence Isabirye Muranga Director of PIBID explains.

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“This not only costs time, but also creates heaps of excessive Garbage.”

“It was against this background that President Museveni commissioned PIBID in 2005 to enhance research around value addition to Matooke,” she adds.

PIBID stall at the Jinja trade show

PIBID stall at the Jinja trade show

The main objective of the project is to establish a state-of-the-art community based processing enterprise for matooke value addition, and to increase farmer’s income through market access for their banana value added products in and around the region.

“It is my pleasure to invite you to join us in this great venture ‘Taking Tooke to the world’ by promoting the products,” Dr. Muranga sums up.

However, there is a small problem hindering the take off stage as explained by the Public relations Officer Mr Asiimwe

“We are ready for the marketing and commercialization stage to take off but there are funding gaps which when addressed the Tooke products will go into the market.”

Tooke products on display during the Jinja exhibition

Tooke products on display during the Jinja exhibition

tooke 3

The project is funded under the ministry of finance.


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