PHOTOS: UWA Captures Crocodile that Killed 3 Kids

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has Friday captured a crocodile that is believed to have killed three children in Masindi, physician Western Uganda.

Park wardens from Murchison falls National Park captured the crocodile from Kayera Village, doctor Kibanja sub-county along River Kafu in Masindi District.

The residents of the area had reported the incidents, requesting the Authority to capture the crocodile following attacks on their homes.

According to UWA officials, a security meeting was held together with the locals in the area sensitizing them on how to respond when crocodiles are sighted in the area.

“Crocodiles don’t normally attack people. It’s the old males which are too weak to hunt that resort into attacking humans,” UWA officials told ChimpReports.

They further advised people to walk in groups when reports about a crocodile are heard in their area.

Upon capture, the crocodile was restrained to the ground by three muscular UWA wardens who sat on its back.

Brave onlookers touched the then restrained man-eater.

The croc was hauled onto a flatbed truck by wardens and a cloth placed over its eyes.

UWA officials said it was relocated to another reserve in the waters of Karuma.

Wardens restrain the croc as they tie it down.

Wardens restrain the croc as they tie it down.

The crocodile on an UWA truck

The crocodile on an UWA truck

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