PHOTOS: UPDF Trains More Police Officers

Police trainees demonstrate on a terrain model

Following the dismissal of a criminal defamation case brought against an independent journalist, cialis 40mg online Timothy Kalyegira Nyakahuma, rx Uganda Human Rights Network for Journalists (HRNJ-Uganda) has vowed to seek compensation from State to their client.

“As HRNJ and the entire journalism fraternity, visit we are celebrating that one of our own, Timothy Kalyegira has regained his freedom after five years of battling a criminal defamation trial where he was accused of defaming the president of Uganda,” said HRNJ National Coordinator, Robert Ssempala while speaking to press at Hotel Triangle in Kampala.

“We are however embarking on another task of ensuring that State pays back Kalyegira’s journalistic tools and compensates all the legal fees spent and time wasted in court,” Ssempala said.

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On September 30, the Grade One Magistrate at City Hall Court, Kampala Moses Nabende dismissed criminal defamation charges against Kalyegira for failure by the State to adduce evidence in court for the last five years.

The Magistrate noted that there was no strong and convincing reason to continue with the case and therefore dismissed it.

Kalyegira was dragged to court in 2010 on allegations that on July 12th and 16th that year, with intent to defame the person of the President of the Republic of Uganda, he unlawfully published in an online paper The Uganda Records, that President Yoweri Museveni was responsible for the bomb blasts that occurred at Kyaddondo Rugby ground and the Ethiopian Village at Kabalagala.

In 2013, Kalyegira challenged the trial in High Court claiming that The Uganda Records where the alleged defamatory statements appeared was a cyber space publication not envisaged within the definition of the law.

Justice Lameka N. Mukasa upheld the plea and had the case thrown out.

“HRNJ-Uganda has also noted with concern a steady increase in trumped up criminal defamation charges against journalists who are most involved in critical and investigative journalism. Over a dozen of journalists’ have pending criminal defamation charges,” Ssempala observed.

“These wanton actions of the police and the DPP have caused feelings of distress, depression in the journalism fraternity because they don’t know what statements or stories amount to criminal defamation as opposed to factual reporting and fair comments.”

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), clinic Gen Kale Kayihura has passed out another batch of 345 Uganda Police officers who completed a seven months officer basic course and Non commissioned officer course at UPDF Non Commissioned Officers’ Academy (NCOA) in Jinja.

This was during a ceremony held on Wednesday.

It should be recalled that on January 28, erectile 2015, buy information pills another group of 725 Police officers was passed out by Gen Kayihura after completing the same courses.

The IGP said the 366 officers had been elevated to different ranks but required the officer basic officer course to measure to their new ranks.

Another intake of Police Officers that will be trained in UPDF NCOA is expected to start training in November 2015.

Kayihura has previously come under heavy criticism for militarising the law enforcement body.

However, the IGP says police need new skills to adapt to the evolving security threats including drug trafficking, cyber crimes and terrorism.

Kayihura expressed his appreciation to the Commandant of the Academy, Lt Col Saad Katemba and UPDF as a whole for the “high quality training offered to the police officers as shown by not only the skilful demonstrations made during the pass out ceremony but also the general exemplary performance of the previous intake, now in the field.”

He referred to the training as an “additional strength to the Police Force” and thanked the Army leadership for accepting the idea of joint trainings which also “helps unite the armed forces.”

The Chief of Recruitment and Training in the UPDF, Brig JW Byarugaba said the UPDF and Uganda Police have been undertaking joint training after the two Institutions jointly developed Junior Command and Leadership syllabus meant to improve low level command capability and facilitate  ease of joint operations between the two sister forces.

The UPDF and Uganda Police Forces operate jointly in Somalia and in event of emergencies in Uganda.

Gen Kayihura inspecting a guard of honour

Gen Kayihura inspecting a guard of honour


Brig Byarugaba refuted claims that the training was militarization of the Police saying it is rather a means to “equip Police to handle the current security dynamics in the country.”

Lt Col Saad Katemba observed that the general performance of the trainees was above average and the course was a step forward in developing professionalism in the Ugandan security Forces to effectively respond to the dynamic social, political and economic environment as well as cater for complex crime.

“Today, crime is relative to improvement in technology. Extremities of religious and ideological phenomena require special attention,” said Lt Col Katemba, adding that the course content addressed matters of civil values of patriotism, nationalism, and respect for human rights.

“Such values not only improve the image of the institution but also protect individual officers from negative influences and general weakness,” he said.

21 UPDF acrobats also completed their training at the Academy and the best performing trainees were awarded with gifts and certificates by the IGP.

They are:

I.P Euku Juventine for Officer basic course

CPL Nyeko Walter for Non Commissioned Officer Course

PTE Alibuza Rogers for acrobatics course.

The Commandant of the Academy, Lt Col Katemba said, “NCOA, being an Institution registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education, the awards to the graduands are equivalent to ordinary diploma for Non Commissioned Officer course and a higher diploma for Officer basic course.”


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