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PHOTOS: Uganda Police Arrest Two Suspected Female Terrorists

The terror suspects in the custody of Ugandan authorities

Uganda Police Force Counter Terrorism Units have arrested two suspected terrorists in Kampala following a tip-off from their Kenyan counterparts, viagra order Chimp Corps report.

One of the suspects, Nuseiba Mohammed Haji, a female student at Kampala International University, was intercepted a few days ago as she attempted to flee the country.

This was a result of her husband Mohammed Abdi Ali’s arrest in Kenya for reportedly planning to “carry out various attacks targeting Kenya, on Friday 29th April 2016,” according to Kenya police.

Before being taken into custody, Abdi was operating as a medical intern at Wote Hospital, Makueni County.

He studied from Kampala International University (KIU) prior to returning to Kenya.

Officials said the suspect was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act before being presented in court and securing custodial orders for an additional 30 days of investigation.

Kenya police said from their initial investigations, it was established that the terror network linked to Abdi has been “engaged in the active radicalisation, recruitment of University students and other Kenyan youth into terrorism networks. The same network has been facilitating Kenyan youth to secretly leave Kenya to join terror groups in Libya and Syria.”

Adbi’s alleged terror network within Kenya spreads as far as the Coast region, North rift Region and Western Region, as well as other countries that include Somalia, Libya and Syria.

Kenya Police revealed that the suspects were planning large scale attacks akin to the Westgate Mall Attack in which hundreds perished in Nairobi.

Adbi’s network reportedly includes medical experts with whom they planned to unleash a biological attack in Kenya using anthrax.

Officials described Abdi’s arrest and those of his accomplices is a “major breakthrough in the fight against terrorism in Kenya and the region.”


Kenya police said following the arrest of Abdi’s wife, the couple’s accomplice, Fatuma Mohammed Hanshil was apprehended in Uganda.

Uganda police remain tight-lipped on the incident.

However, in his statement on Tuesday, police boss General Kale Kayihura confirmed the arrest of a terror suspect whose identity he chose not to disclose.

Security sources told ChimpReports that the suspects were being interrogated at the special facility at Kireka, Kampala.

Uganda Police recently warned of possible terror strikes in the country ahead of President Museveni’s inauguration on May 12.

It remains unclear if the detained suspects were part of the alleged plot.

Since last week, the army and police have been patrolling Kampala streets to stave off possible acts of terrorism.

With Museveni’s much-anticipated inauguration drawing closer, security forces are expected to intensify operations in the country.

Uganda fell victim to deadly bomb attacks in July 2010 in which over 70 precious lives were brutally cut short, sending shockwaves across the world.


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