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PHOTOS: Suspects Held in Kagezi Murder Probe

The alleged suspects in Joan Kagezi's killers being arrested by police on Tuesday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Police have Tuesday unveiled the faces of two young men whom police suspects have knowledge about the murder of State Prosecutor, approved ampoule Joan Kagezi, help Chimp Corps report.

The duo was arrested in a police raid on its rented residence in Kyengera, Wakiso District on Monday night as part of a wider crackdown on terrorism in Uganda.

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura who arrived at the scene today afternoon, told the media that the suspects, whose names he did not reveal, recently rented the apartment after shifting from Kiwatule in Kampala.

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“This was the third time they were shifting in a very short time. We got them as they tried to shift again,” said Kayihura.

“We are verifying if they have a clue on Kagezi murder.”

State Prosecutor, Joan Kagezi, was murdered in cold blood in Kiwatule on March 30. Since then, police have been hunting down suspects.

The suspects being led to a police vehicle

The suspects being led to a police vehicle


Since Kagezi’s murder in Kiwatule, police have been searching for her killers in a wider anti-terrorism investigation.


He pointed out that police recovered “important exhibits” from the residence.

“We have made a number of arrests but we can’t state how many. We have useful leads but we can’t disclose them now. Let’s not jeopardise investigations,” he added.

Kayihura said landlords should be cautious when welcoming new tenants.

“Ask for their identification particulars and where they come from. Ask them why they are relocating to your area. We can only fight insecurity when we are cautious,” he added.

Sources said three more suspects were taken by police squads yesterday night, bringing the total of alleged militants to six from the same residence.

Police recently issued a terror alert, saying Al Shabaab was targeting institutions of learning.

Kayihura also discouraged the public from entering venues that are not well secured.

“All proprietors of commercial areas, happening places, hotels, religious places, markets and taxi parks are reminded that failure to comply with the set guidelines will result into the closure of their businesses,” police said in a statement on Easter eve.


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