Election 2016

PHOTOS: Police, Military Quell City Protests After Besigye Arrest

Police jointly patrol Bwaise with the Military (Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe)

Police in Kampala have come out to explain the circumstances under which opposition Forum for Democratic Change Presidential candidate and other party leaders were arrested.

Dr Kizza Besigye together with FDC president Gen Mugisha Muntu, recipe http://covintec.cl/wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php and the party chief mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe were picked up this afternoon at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

Police says Besigye was preparing to announce his own results from yesterday’s elections, http://channelingerik.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sal/class.json-api-platform-jetpack.php contrary to Section 57 of the Presidential Elections Act which vests these powers only to the Electoral Commission.

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“…FDC Presidential Candidate Kizza Besigye, Mugisha Muntu, Ingrid Turinawe have been stopped from announcing purportedly final results of the Presidential Elections,” said Onyango in a statement.

Besigye was still trailing in the preliminary results with 32% while incumbent President Museveni led with 62%.

Yesterday immediately after casting his vote in Rukungiri district, Besigye said the entire election exercise was not transparent.

When contacted on phone, the police mouthpiece declined to delve into details of Besigye’s arrest such as where he was being held.

“It has been made clear through various forums that any attempt by anyone other than the Electoral Commission, including the FDC Party, to declare their own results will amount to disturbing public order,” Onyango stressed in the statement.

“Whereas we appreciate that many people are anxious about the results of the elections, we call upon all peace-loving Ugandans to exercise restraint, good judgement and a sense of decorum in handling matters to do with election results.”

This is the third time Besigye has been held by Police this week, the first being at the close of his campaigns on Tuesday and yesterday when he stormed one of police’s facilities in Kampala on suspicion that there was vote rigging in progress.
Police and the military on Friday afternoon swung into action to quell protests by supporters in Kampala and the suburbs following the arrest of FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The security forces cordoned off the strongest opposition political party’s headquarters at Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road as senior party officials prepared to address a press conference on Thursday’s election results.

Residents in Katwe lit up bonfires on the streets upon hearing Besigye's arrest

Residents of Katwe lit up bonfires on the streets upon hearing Besigye’s arrest

Police says Dr Besigye was going to announce his own election results contrary to Section 57 of the Presidential Elections Act. Besigye, this web http://cmlsociety.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/classes/em-locations.php who by publication was still trailing in the preliminary results, recipe has already declared yesterday’s polling exercise as unfair.

The FDC officials declined to adhere to directives by police to cancel the press conference, forcing them to fire tear gas to disperse the party supporters at Najjanankumbi before Besigye, party president, Mugisha Muntu, Chairman Wasswa Biriggwa and chief mobilize Ingrid Turinawe were arrested and whisked away.

A number of people were arrested in the uprising

A number of people were arrested in the uprising

Meanwhile, police and military took over security at the party headquarters and could not allow anyone to access the place.

In various city suburbs, riots broke out following the arrest of Besigye as supporters put up bonfires as well as blocking various roads leading to the city centre.


Police and the military were forced to deploy heavily to quell these riots and many of these were seen patrolling Kampala the suburbs of Katwe and Bwaise where the situation was worsening.

Trucks and patrol vehicles were also seen in parts of the central business district, mainly in the Kisekka market area which is considered volatile.






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