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PHOTOS: Police Foils Mbabazi Rally Again

Mbabazi talks to one of the police officers in Mbale during his tour of eastern Uganda [Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe]

Makindye General Court Martial has Thursday convicted former battalion 343 commander of the AMISOM army in Somalia, pharmacy http://cpllogoterapia.com/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php Lt Col Benson Oulanya on three charges of expressing sexual desires towards three UPDF officers.

The General Court Martial Chairman Major Levi Karuhanga convicted the accused on the first count of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, purchase where by the accused is faulted for expressing sexual advances towards Corporal Aida Mungoma.

Prosecution relied on the victim’s evidence where she told court that the accused woke her from sleep, grabbed her and forcefully hugged her which was against Rule 4 of AMISOM Code of Conduct which prohibits AMISOM personnel from engaging in sexual relationships with African Union staff.

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Aida’s testimony collaborated with Prosecution witnesses Lt Sarah Babirye and Capt. Susan Muwanga who informed court that Mungoma had earlier reported to them the accused’s sexual demands thus proving beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed this offence.

Col Oulanya was also convicted on the second count of expressing sexual desires towards Pte Auma Agnes, whom he allegedly on two occasions requested to be become his mistress during the mission in Somalia.

This was further proved by the corroborative evidence from Lt Sarah Babirye Head of Female soldiers in battalion 343 and Capt Suzan Muwanga in charge of women affairs at BG level, who told court that Auma had reported to them this matter on several occasions.

Finally Col Oulanya was convicted with making sexual advances Pte Mulongo Madina who testified that the accused called her to a residence of a fellow soldier Pte Margaret Achaye and asked to serve as his wife.

Meanwhile the accused was acquitted on five offences related to guard duties, abuse and violence of his inferiors, ill-treatment of his subordinates. State failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he committed these offences.

Olaunya was also accused of disrespect on allegations that he refused to return a salute to Private Auma Agnes her subordinate due to the fact that she had failed to respond to his call in the previous night.

Court however ruled that the act of superiors saluting back to their superiors is not published anywhere in the UPDF Act and could not be basis of criminalization.

State prosecution led by Major Fredrick Kangwamu asked court to grant a deterrent sentence to the convict because he is not a first offender, he committed the offences on international mission where UPDF has to protect its image and that the people he offended were his juniors whom he had to show a very good example.

The accused was arraigned before the General court martial on October 25,  2013 and he was charged with eight counts with offences resulting from the period he spent in Somalia as the 343 Battalion commander.
Police has for the second time in 2 days foiled another public rally for presidential aspirant John Patrick Amama Mbabazi that was scheduled to take place at Kakindu play grounds in Jinja town.

Following their planned rally in Soroti that police never allowed to happen, website http://clipvoice.it/administrator/components/com_installer/controllers/manage.php Mbabazi was on Thursday afternoon scheduled to have another one but police sorounded Mt. Elgon hotel where he had his camp before reading out new orders that they would have to escort him to Jinja.

Speaking to journalists before setting off for Jinja, buy information pills the former Prime Minister said he was not aware of the letter by Jinja Town Clerk that stopped him from proceeding with his rally in the town as the venue had earlier been booked for other use.

Amama Mbabazi was welcomed in Jinja town by a heavy police deployment

Amama Mbabazi was welcomed in Jinja town by a heavy police deployment

“That is a total lie and I have not heard of it. By the time we booked, the venue was free and it was the deputy town clerk who signed   the letter clearing me. May be the town clerk is working on instructions,” Mbabazi said before vowing to continue with his program.

The former NRM Secretary General then embarked on his journey to Jinja town for his rally as 2 police patrol vehicles led his convoy.

However at Namutumba, there was chaos as supporters gathered in the main road in a bid to greet Mbabazi but police could not let them.

Supporters duck from police teargas canisters

Supporters duck from police teargas canisters

The convoy of about 10 vehicles led by Mbabazi’s Toyota V8 Land Cruiser then over took police patrol cars and sped down toward Bugembe, as the supposedly police lead cars were now giving chase.

At Bugembe town, more chaos erupted when a mammoth crowd poured onto the main road forcing the former Prime Minister’s convoy to make a stop -over against the will of the police. The result was teargas covering the entirety of Bugembe town as Amama’s supporters hurled stones back at the law enforcers.

After normalcy was recovered, the convoy moved towards Jinja town but surprised police when it branched off the main road via Masese road before being stopped at Kaazimingi in Jinja Industrial area where he was expected to hold the rally after being informed he could not use Kakindu playground.

There was teargas at every stop over that Mbabazi made from Mbale to Jinja

There was teargas at every stop over that Mbabazi made from Mbale to Jinja

At this time police intervened trying to scatter the crowds by firing tear gas but this was in vain as many of them continued coming back. Mbabazi later addressed them and blamed police for what they were doing terming it as being against the law.

After almost a 30 minute stalemate, the new director of police operations Haruna Isabirye intervened trying to calm the situation but all was in vain as supporters blocked the vehicles from proceeding via Kyabazinga road as had been ordered by police.

Crowds block Mbabazi's convoy in Jinja town

Crowds block passage for Mbabazi’s convoy in Jinja town

Police had to deploy trucks as tear gas rocked the whole area and made some arrests before the convoy was forced to drive out of the town plying Kampala road.

During the battle, the head of Mbabazi’s security team only identified as Aine was arrested whereas another one identified as Kule was shot in the leg before being rushed to hospital.

The former leader of government business was later escorted by police to Nile Village Hotel along Kiira road where he held a consultative meeting with some of his supporters after being stopped from holding the meetings at Travel Hotel.

Police arresting the head of Mbabazi security team.

Police arresting the head of Mbabazi security team.

Following Mbabazi’s foiled rally on Wednesday in Soroti town, police said that they were only implementing what is required of presidential aspirants in accordance with the law.

“ It’s against this background that the police which has the primary responsibility of ensuring lawfulness and orderliness of all electoral events including consultative meetings has intervened in line with the electoral security coordination plan to stop aspirants  violating these provisions, ”said police publicist Fred Enanga.

However for Mbabazi still insists that his rallies are in accordance with the law and the Electoral Commission and police are violating it when they try to block him.

“Consultation is not only limited to town hall meetings and I hope they won’t keep that line. Under the Public Order Management Act, it is allowed for spontaneous crowds which no one has control over,” Mbabazi told journalists on Tuesday.


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