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PHOTOS: Museveni Rallies Mukono as Election Nears

Museveni rallying support in Mukono district on Tuesday

With just over one week to the general elections, approved http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-includes/revision.php a number of voters are still not made up on who they intend to elect to State House come February 18th, abortion http://cyberneuro.com/templates/fw_mazaya/warp/helpers/browser.php and thus a lot floor-crossing is still ongoing.

Yesterday a total of 134 youths in Greater Bushenyi defected from the ruling NRM party to the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward, illness http://cprescue.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-admin-filters.php citing empty promises of the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

The youths led by one David Armstrong accused President Museveni of not doing enough to address youth unemployment as per his party’s manifesto.

The defection comes only days after another several dozen youths in Armstrong’s home district of Kiruhura crossed from NRM to Go Forward, again citing unfulfilled promises.

“(The President) keeps stating every after every five years that he has new measures to address youth unemployment, but the figures of the jobless only keep increasing,” said Armstrong.

The youth leader went on to list a number of industries that he said government has watched die out and failed to revive, such Textile where the country has a great deal of potential.

“Instead of allowing rich and productive investors in the country, Uganda has now become a dumping ground of only poor Indians and Chinese who come to compete with us for the few available jobs.”

The youths also accused government of widening the gap between the rich and the poor, which partly explains the sluggish economic growth rate. This they said was Museveni’s “greatest achievement so far.”

The Greater Bushenyi Go forward Coordinator Moses Bassajabalaba  Kasirye welcomed the youths from the five districts of Bushenyi, Sheema, Rubirizi, Buhweju, and Mitoma to the new pressure group and urged them to push hard to get Amama Mbabazi to State House.
President Museveni has promised to intervene in the exploitation of tenants by landlords especially on utility bills, this web http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php Chimp Corps report.

Museveni said despite spending the better part of his time on planning for infrastructural developments, medicine http://central-alarm.com/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-nav-menu-checklist.php he would this time round ensure tenants are not mistreated.

The president made the remarks in Mukono on Tuesday where he was campaigning to retain his political seat ahead of the February 18 elections.

He held massive rallies in Nansana Municipality, Kyadondo East, Mukono Municipality and Kiira Municipality.

Museveni's rallies attracted mammoth crowds

Museveni’s rallies attracted mammoth crowds

“Besides the infrastructure developments that government is undertaking, I will direct the electricity companies to ensure each shop/stall owner has their own meter to avoid exploitation and extra charges by landlords,” said Museveni.

“I will also direct the district or town authorities to ensure all mall/shopping arcade owners ensure there are functional washrooms and toilets which should be freely accessible by tenants. The practice of charging tenants for these facilities should stop,” he added.

He further pledged to extend power lines and clean water to rural areas.

Museveni being received by local leaders in the area

Museveni being received by local leaders in the area



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