PHOTOS: Museveni Rallies Kagoma Residents to Vote NRM’s Walyomu

Museveni hands the NRM flag to Moses Walyomu

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the people of Kagoma Constituency in Jinja district to vote for Moses Walyomu Muwanika in order to ensure service delivery.

He made the call on Monday in Buyengo Sub-County where he addressed a campaign rally for the NRM flag bearer.

The elections that are slated for Thursday 11th May 2017 come after the previous election results were nullified in courts of law. He presented Mr. Moses Walyomu Muwanika with the NRM flag.

“I am happy to note that the people of this area are supporting the NRM flag bearer. If you vote for Walyomu you will benefit a lot. He will address matters concerning electricity supply and water. He will also address other important sectors and more improvements in the infrastructure, viagra dosage ” he said.

Mr. Museveni noted that Buyengo Sub-County does not have a Government supported secondary School disclosing that the NRM Government would take over Buyengo Secondary School, which is run by the Catholic Church and Church of Uganda’s Nsozi Ibiri Secondary School.

He added that the two schools would be expanded for the benefit of wananchi. He reminded them that voters have the duty to elect MPs who can deliver.

Museveni addresses massive crowds in Kagoma

Museveni addresses massive crowds in Kagoma

The President challenged the gathering to address matters concerning individual household incomes. He stressed that they have the task to eradicate poverty from their homes. He informed them that the Government’s Operation Wealth Creation programme has distributed agricultural seeds to all parts of Jinja district. He assured them that the rest of the people will receive their seedlings.

He informed the wananchi that plans are underway to increase funds for Operation Wealth Creation, Women, Youth and Micro-Finance programmes. He warned that if the members of the opposition are voted into Parliament, they would attempt to paralyze the NRM’s development operations and noted that the end result would be for wananchi to suffer. He assured the people that the NRM Government is committed to working on the infrastructure, security and wealth creation. He reminded them to appreciate that this commitment can be done well if Parliament works well with the President.

President Museveni was pleased to note that a good part of Jinja district has received good water and electricity supply from the Government. He revealed that the country has got a total of 70,000 villages adding that the Government would initially ensure that each of the villages in the country is provided with borehole water. He revealed that the number of bore holes for each village would be increased over time.

Museveni arrives at the rally ground on Monday

Museveni arrives at the rally ground on Monday

Regarding roads, he said the NRM Government has built the Kampala – Jinja – Busia road; rehabilitated the Jinja – Kamuli road; while Iganga – Kaliro road is under rehabilitation. He pledged to build the Jinja – Budondo –  Mbulamuti road as the Musita – Mayuge road is already undergoing construction. He assured the people that the Government has imported road construction equipment from Japan with the aim of facilitating all the districts, including Jinja, towards ensuring good quality feeder roads.

Turning to security, the President informed the gathering that the Government has arrested the murderers who have been causing harm in Kampala. He said that they would not be treated with kid gloves.

The NRM flag bearer, Moses Walyomu Muwanika, saluted President Museveni for accepting to address wananchi in Buyengo and assured him that the large gathering comprised of people from one Sub-County only.

Kagoma women flash the NRM sign in solidarity with NRM's Walyomu

Kagoma women flash the NRM sign in solidarity with NRM’s Walyomu

The NRM Vice Chairman of Eastern Region, Mike Mukula, revealed that Ugandans have continuously voted President Museveni because his government has ensured that there are no conflicts in the country. He urged the wananchi to elect into office people who can work with President Museveni.

The NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba, on her part, welcomed the President to Buyengo Sub-County. She revealed that the peace that Mr. Museveni ushered in was unfortunately being abused by some characters. She reported that some NRM supporters have been attacked by members of the opposition.

Jinja district NRM Chairman, Igeme Nathan Nabeta, assured President Museveni of Walyowa’s victory come Thursday.

Other contenders are Brandon Alex Kintu, an independent, Timothy Lusala Batuwa an FDC member and Mohammed Bidondole another independent candidate.


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