PHOTOS: Museveni Hails Pope Francis at Bishop Kirabo Consecration

Different groups of youths in Kampala this morning distanced themselves from what they called impending plans to hold city demonstrations in protest against the just concluded presidential election results.

The groups that consist of over 200 youths  under ‘Mwoyo gwa Uganda ogutafa, more about Zaabike Emipiira, check B-16, this site B-10 and Black Mamba among others told journalists that they had been clandestinely recruited to demonstrate against President Museveni’s win on the streets.

“Being youths from different  opposition political parties, we were being told that now was the time for us the youth to take power and lead the country as our leaders have nothing new to offer to us,” said Ismail Kaboggoza the spokesperson for Zaabike Emipiira pressure group.

“Through agents we were told that we can only reclaim our country through pouring on Kampala streets to demonstrate, attack police stations and this way government would be overthrown.”

Foreign Support

The youths also claimed that they had been briefed that several European countries were in support of the move and would be willing to support them in any possible way.

“We were convinced that the western powers are behind our cause to reclaim our country as well as fighting for our rights for good leadership,” the youths claimed.

Change of Course

The youths however claimed they had been approached by officials from government who convinced them to drop the idea of joining demonstrations as this would drive the country backward.

Ismail Kaboggoza addressing journalists on Sunday

Ismail Kaboggoza addressing journalists on Sunday

“Recently Kampala was ranked as the best city to in East Africa, so it would look terrible spoiling all the dignity we have achieved as a city. We realized the need to denounce all activities meant to bring chaos in the city and country at large,” said Kaboggoza.

He said they had been assured of government coming incentives that will see all people including the youth benefit through loans and other forms of development funds.

Godfrey Babi Kimera, the spokesperson for Team Thorough responsible for rehabilitating the youths told Chimpreports that they traversed different parts of the country sensitizing youths who would have been misled by politicians.

“We tell them there is nothing to gain out of such uprisings. We rehabilitate them and try to help them live a decent life through organizing them for projects beneficial to them,” Kimera said.


President Museveni has hailed Pope Francis for appointing Monsignor Vincent Kirabo as the new Bishop of Hoima Diocese, health Chimp Corps report.

“I thank Pope Francis for appointing Bishop Kirabo to Hoima Diocese. I congratulate him upon his consecration. I take this opportunity to thank Bishop Lambert Twinomugisha for leading Hoima Diocese well. I also thank the people of Hoima District and Bunyoro region in general for electing the old man with a hat and NRM, ” he said.

President Museveni was the chief guest Sunday at the consecration of Bishop Vincent Kirabo, the new Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese at a ceremony held at Our Lady of Lourdes Bujumbura Cathedral in Hoima.

Bishop Kirabo being blessed

Bishop Kirabo being blessed

Several dignitaries including the Omukama of Bunyoro, His Highness Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, Michael August Blume, the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda and leaders of various religious denominations witnessed the ceremony.

The new Bishop replaces the Apostolic Administrator of Hoima, Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha who has served for six years following the death of Bishop Deogratius Byabazaire.

President Museveni said that the people have seen the good developments attained by the NRM Government with particular reference to the roads and pledged to build another road from Hoima town to the Catholic Cathedral.

He informed the congregation that the roads in Hoima are to be built by utilizing the new equipment that is to be delivered soon.

President Museveni said that the NRM target is to eliminate poverty from the households and noted that Operation Wealth creation has recorded good performance.

Bakyenga handed over a Pastoral staff/Crosier to the Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo, announcing him the Bishop of Hoima Diocese.

Bakyenga handed over a Pastoral staff/Crosier to the Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo, announcing him the Bishop of Hoima Diocese.

He said Government will allocate more funds to facilitate the acquisition of more seedlings so that the people can benefit through the cultivation of cash crops such as coffee, tea and fruits. He donated a new Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle to Bishop Kirabo.

The Archbishop of Mbarara Diocese Paul Bakyenga, who conducted the ceremony, performed the Episcopal ordination during which he presented the new Bishop to the hundreds of Christians.

He was assisted by the Former Apostolic administrator Bishop Lambeth Bainomugisha who placed the book of the Gospels on the head of the Bishop elect thereby anointing him and also placed a skull cap (purple Zucchetto) on his head and a Mitre.

Bakyenga later handed over a Pastoral staff/Crosier to the Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo, announcing him the Bishop of Hoima Diocese.


Archbishop Bakyenga said that the title of Bishop is not of honour but of service and called on the new Bishop and other Church leaders at large to serve the people and not to rule them. He described Bishop kirabo as a very kind and gentle person.

The First deputy Prime Minister Henry Kajura called on the congregation to work and assist the new Bishop.

The Omukama of Bunyoro His Highness Solomon Gafabusa Iguru congratulated the people of Hoima for getting a new shepherd. He urged the people to support the new Bishop noting that he was appointed by God. He wished all the people God’s blessings.

He congratulated President Museveni for his recent victory during the concluded Presidential polls and thanked God for it.

The President of the Uganda Episcopal Conference who is also the Archbishop of Gulu John Baptist Odama saluted President Museveni for attending the consecration ceremony.

Museveni donated a new Mitsibishi Pajero vehicle to Bishop Kirabo

Museveni donated a new Mitsibishi Pajero vehicle to Bishop Kirabo

The outgoing Apostolic Administrator of Hoima Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha congratulated his successor upon his consecration. He welcomed him to the Church leadership and prayed to God to bless him for his new assignment. He observed that Bishop Kirabo was Pope Francis’ gift to the people of Uganda.

The Mayor of Hoima Municipality Mary Mugisa saluted President Museveni for inviting Pope Francis to Uganda and noted that this was the time when the Pope unveiled to the Hoima Catholics the gift of Bishop Kirabo.

The new Catholic Leader, Bishop Vincent kirabo saluted President Museveni and Omukama Iguru for attending his consecration. He thanked Pope Francis for appointing him the Bishop of Hoima. He thanked the congregation for attending the ceremony.


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