PHOTOS: MP Hatwib Katooto Now in Grave Digging

Hon Hatwib Katoto stunned residents of Katabago village when he took part in digging the grave of one of their own.

Corruption scandals at the world football governing body, prostate Fifa are deepening day by day. On Thursday, page the federation’s president Sepp Blatter suspended the secretary general Jerome Valcke and subsequently releasing him from all duties indefinately.

An official statement from the world governing body read:

“FIFA today announced that its Secretary General Jérôme Valcke has been put on leave and released from his duties effective immediately until further notice. Further, FIFA has been made aware of a series of allegations involving the Secretary General and has requested a formal investigation by the FIFA Ethics Committee.”

According to reports by Guardian, the secretary general has been implicated in yet another corruption scheme involving the resale of Brazil world cup tickets. It is alleged that Valcke was dealing with Benny Alon, a consultant working with JB Sports Marketing, a company that has been in contract with Fifa for selling world cup tickets.

In the deal (alleged), Alon was was supposed to sell tickets at an exorbitant price higher than the face value and they two would divide the ‘profits’.

The 54-year old frenchman, who also expressed his intentions to succeed Blatter has however denied terming the allegations “fabricated and outrageous.”
Katerera County Member of Parliament, view Honorable Hatwib Katooto is a man of many surprises.

Every time you think he can’t get any more contentious, illness he does.

This morning, pictures of the legislator started spreading on social media, in which he is seen actively participating in a local funeral.

While he toured around his constituency and encountered a funeral service, the legislator didn’t wait to jump in.

Chimpreports understands the funeral at Katabago village in Kyabakara Sub County was of a known bodaboda cyclist who died in a road accident.

After sipping in a cup of porridge prepared for the mourners, the MP grabbed a pick axe and a shovel jumped in the grave to help in the digging.

Hon Katooto first sipped on a cup of porridge and then jumped in the grave.

Hon Katooto first sipped on a cup of porridge and then jumped in the grave.

Some of the residents were seen applauding the legislator, who was smartly clad in a grey suit and a President Yoweri Museveni T-Shirt.

The honorable legislator raised eyebrows last year, when he was pictured in the middle of a parliamentary committee  session playing solitaire cards on his iPad.

When we contacted Hon Katooto, he told us that this was not his first time to take part in such an activity.

“I would say that is our practice in Karerera. Here we bury our neighbors and support those in need. If I die, I want all my neighbors to bury me,” he said.

Although he didn’t personally know the bodaboda cyclist, Katooto said he died of injuries sustained when his bike knocked a concrete drainage pipe.






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