INAUGURATION PHOTOS: Mayor Lukwago Vows to Fight Impunity at KCCA

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago takes oath at the City Hall in Kampala on Monday  (Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe)

City lawyer, patient Erias Lukwago was on Monday afternoon sworn-in as the Lord Mayor of Uganda’s capital Kampala at a colorful function held at City Hall.

Lukwago who was three years ago thrown out of the same office by his council, made a procession together with supporters from his residence in Wakaliga, Old Kampala before being treated to a thrilling welcome at City Hall, the KCCA Headquarters by the new councilors and supporters.

Lukwago was happy to return to office having missed half of his previous term

Lukwago was happy to return to office having missed half of his previous term

At mid day, he was ushered to the podium to take oath and was welcomed by singer Stabua Natooro’s ‘Oli Wamukisa’ literally translated as ‘you are favored’ song before he was led through the process by the Buganda Road Chief magistrate   Jameson Karemaani.

Afterwards he was handed the instruments of power by Security Minister Mary Karooro Okurut who represented the Minister for Kampala.

In his acceptance speech shortly after taking oath, Lukwago said it was because of the will of God and the people’s power that he was back into office and that no one could stand in the way of the will of people.

ENTHRONED: The Minister of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze was represented by SecuRIty counterpart Hon Mary Karooro Okurut

ENTHRONED: The Minister of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze was represented by SecuRIty counterpart Hon Mary Karooro Okurut

“This is a special day. It is the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadhan on this day that I take oath and enter City Hall. I feel happy,” Lukwago begun his speech.

“It is a big milestone in my life considering the two and a half years I have been out of office. It is a pity that one person we have always been with Dr. Besigye is not here. I know he is with us wherever he is incarcerated. Aluta continua.”

The Lord Mayor also expressed concern that the rule of law is not being followed while implementing the KCCA Act, adding that a lot of mess has been done in his absence  which he said putting right would be top on his agenda as he assumes office.

Lukwago in his seat

Lukwago in his seat

“I will embark on a mission to eliminate impunity and advocating for rule of law in the city. I would have loved to see Dr. Kizza Besigye attend this function but that was not been possible due to some reasons. I will condemn political persecution in the city because it is not sustainable,” he said in what looked like a stinging speech to central government.

“I will embark on promoting the rule of law and fulfill the social contract I have with the people of Kampala who elected me. The Lord Mayor is the head of the city together with the councilors and the Executive Director leads the technical wing. She just puts into action what has been approved by us,” he hit at the Executive Director Jennifer Musisi.

Lukwago went on to question the presence of military and police in the green belts of the city which he said is wrong and must be ended in his term.

Lukwago promised to revive the image of KCCA

Lukwago promised to revive the image of KCCA

The newly elected Kampala Lord Mayor said the city cannot transform into a modern one when there is no political stability adding that fights will only wash down the drain all that has been achieved in the past years.

Introducing his 6 point plan of action, Lukwago vowed to focus on transparency and accountability as well as cleaning the name of KCCA which he said has been tarnished.

“KCCA is now known for being brutal while enforcing laws which should not be the right thing to do. My government will devise means to put a culture of responsible behavior into the enforcement officers. Enforcement should be done humanly and according to international laws.”


On the street vendors, the Lord Mayor said he would try to put in place gazetted places for these to ply their trade other than vending in the middle of city roads.

In her speech, the chief guest and Minister for security Mary Karooro Okurut   congratulated Lukwago upon being elected Kampala Mayor adding that government looks forward to working closely and harmoniously with him.

“I wish to retaliate that the political season is over and time now is for work. I wish you a fruitful stay in your office,” Okurut said.

Lukwago beat  NRM’s Daniel Kazibwe his strongest rival after garnering over  70% of the total votes cast in the February  24th polls for Kampala Mayor.


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