PHOTOS: Inside Museveni’s Return to Luweero

Museveni teaching Luweero farmers best farming practices

President Museveni has pitched camp in Luweero District in what appears a strategic move to retake the historically significant but poverty-stricken area in the wake of dwindled political fortunes in the 2016 elections.

In 1980, cialis 40mg Museveni launched his guerrilla struggle in Luweero Triangle that saw thousands of civilians contribute significantly to the success of the human in terms of lives and property.

Despite bearing a huge brunt of Museveni’s protracted war to topple President Milton Obote, Luweero remains an enclave of poverty and frustration.

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The army veterans complain of neglect as they struggle to make ends meet.

The NRM’s loss of support in Luweero became crystal clear in the 2016 elections where locals shunned Museveni’s rallies and warmly embraced opposition figures Dr Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi.

“The people of Luweero sent a strong signal to Museveni that enough was enough. They felt sidelined and neglected despite propelling Museveni to power,” said a presidential aide who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Museveni inspecting coffee farms in Luweero

Museveni inspecting coffee farms in Luweero

Realising that Luweero could eventually fall in the opposition’s hands, Museveni has since been compelled to tour the area and make some concessions.

President Museveni this past Sunday carried out a visit to some of the neighboring war veterans in Kawumu village, in Luweero district.

This followed the establishment of a new State Lodge in Luweero that made some of the residents describe it as the President’s way of “finally settling home”, as Luweero is a renowned historical significant area that played a major role in the protracted armed people’s liberation war under the vanguard of the National Resistance Movement/Army (NRM/A) between 1981 and 1986.

During the trek that began at 2:30pm, the President toured different coffee and banana plantations of the settled veterans and had hearty conversations with some of them, as they had reminiscences and flashbacks of some of the activities that took place during the NRA war.

“The people that fought were here; many, everybody contributed differently during the war,” the President informed those who accompanied him.


One of the homesteads that were visited belonged to the late Lule who was a medical doctor and whose house had acted as a medical store for fighters during the war.

Mr. Museveni toured the banana garden of Mr. George Lule, the late veteran’s son and gave him five more cows to continue developing himself.

Museveni enjoys a glass of water provided by locals

Museveni enjoys a glass of water provided by locals

He also promised the son that his late father’s house would be renovated soon.

“I remember this used to be the house where we used to store our medicine during the war,” remarked the President.

The President also visited the home of the late Zakayo Kalibbala, who fought in the war.

Mr Museveni was received by the widow, Nalongo Kalibbala and went on to tour the big coffee plantation of his son Esau Wasswa.

He encouraged the family to continue with farming because it is the source of wealth.

During his walk, the President was also shown by the excited veterans some of the old routes and shortcuts that were used during the war.

Old widowed Nalumansi, who cannot clearly remember her age but the wrinkles on her face tell the many years she has lived, was very happy to see the President and considered it as a blessing since her son died fighting during the liberation struggle.

In some of the homesteads and gardens that the President visited, he encouraged them to practice good farming methods such as irrigation to avert the destruction of their crops by dry season.

Despite the drizzles during the journey, the determined trekker, Mr. Yoweri Museveni, continued visiting different homesteads, touring their gardens and giving them some good farming advice and skills.

Museveni visiting the family of the lat Lule

Museveni visiting the family of the lat Lule

The visit that ended at about 5:00pm left some of the trekkers that accompanied the President very sweaty and weary, trying to keep pace with the president, who seemed like he had just started the journey.

As the conclusion of the 3-hour tour, President Museveni took off time to commend officers of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces in Makulubita Sub-County for a good job in the distribution of seeds to farmers under the Operation Wealth Creation.

The President addressed Luweero district leaders who accompanied him on the tour of farms of veterans.

“I thank the UPDF Officers who are running the Operation Wealth Creation programme. I am pleased that the Officers distributed the seeds. It is good to note that the seeds that died were promptly replaced. We need to inject in more funds and provide fertilizers,” the President said.

The President called on the leaders to sensitize and educate the farmers in matters concerning Operation Wealth Creation.

He proposed that the leaders in all parts of the country circulate flyers in the local languages in order to ensure a positive impact on wananchi.

President Museveni condemned landlords in the area who are forcefully evicting bibanja holders.

He stressed that landlords and tenants must reach an agreement and not to use any force in the process of solving land matters. He pledged to invite war veterans to sensitize them on the land law.

The President clarified that whoever has a got a piece of land should use it to generate income.

He suggested that people should use land to engage in small-scale industries, fish farming and bee keeping, among other production activities. He noted that grains were the base in realizing successful fish farming, piggery and poultry because grains provide feeds.


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