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PHOTOS: Inside Besigye’s Deadly Wandegeya Battle

Bonfires were lit in the middle of the road in Kampala on Monday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Tomorrow Tuesday February 16th marks the end of the three months campaigning period for the presidential candidates.

Kampala central however, search dosage is anticipated to be the center of attention where the two main contenders Col Dr Kizza Besigye and the incumbent President Museveni are anticipated to climax their campaigns.

Dr Besigye was today scheduled to be in Kampala Central but both his rallies at Nasser Road and Makerere University were blocked by police in a scuffle that one person has so far been confirmed killed.

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By publication time, check the FDC candidate was still being held by police at Wandegeya where his procession was curtailed from returning to the city center.

According to the opposition party’s spokesperson Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, treat Besigye is likely to combine today’s rallies with Tuesday’s.

As per his campaign program, he was supposed to conclude with Nakawa division in Kampala District.

“We are going to have a meeting this night and we might decide to squeeze the two day’s work in one, tomorrow,” said Nganda on Monday evening while appearing in NTV.

In this case, Nganda says the campaign will have to follow the constitution which places the closing time of the campaign season at the midnight of the last day.

This would be in disregard of the Electoral Commission’s guidelines which stipulate the all campaigns have to end at 6pm.

Meanwhile, President Museveni who was today in West Nile and Jinja Municipality is expected tomorrow to hold his final rallies in Mukono South and later at the Kololo Independence grounds.
What started as a normal working day turned into a bad day with business closing down in most of Kampala streets as police quelled Dr. Kizza Besigye’s supporters.

In the mid -morning hours, shop the FDC presidential candidate and opposition strongman Besigye who was moving with his supporters was intercepted by police led by CPS DPC Aaron Baguma at Jinja road traffic lights before tear gas was fired to disperse the crowds.

Meanwhile, viagra dosage Besigye was later arrested  and shortly detained at CPS before being returned to his home in Kasangati.

Addressing journalists at his home, Besigye said he was not aware of the crime he had committed that warranted his arrest blaming police for working on orders of President Museveni in a bid to disrupt his campaign program.

police clearing the road of barriers

police clearing the road of barriers

According to his campaign program, he was supposed to be at Arua park, Mini price, Container village, Kafumbe Mukasa , Nnabagereka Primary  School and Makerere University later in the day where he was suppose d to address a rally.

The police however denied arresting the opposition strongman insisting that he had only been only kept at Kira road for a while before being returned home.

Police trying to arrest a Besigye supporter

Police trying to arrest a Besigye supporter

“What I know there has not been any such thing like arrest. He is at Kira road but doesn’t mean he has been placed under arrest,” police spokesperson Fred Enanga told Chimpreports in a phone interview.

According to a press statement released later by police, Besigye had been asked to change his route plan as they had feared his campaign program would paralyze business in the city.

Besigye arrives in Wandegeya before being arrested

Besigye arrives in Wandegeya before being arrested

“We have meanwhile taken him to his home in Kasangati since he had failed to adhere to security guidelines by police,” read part of the statement.

Chaos Erupts

Meanwhile chaos erupted in the city centre as supporters of the opposition strongman demonstrated against his purported arrest by police.

Besigye’s supporters in the city centre and near Kisekka market started hurling stones at police who in return fired tear gas to quell them.

In Kasangati, the FDC presidential candidate embarked on his journey back to the city center where he insisted he had to hold planned rallies.

Police then intercepted Besigye’s procession at Wandegeya junction and a battle ensued as supporters begun throwing stones at the law enforcement officers who in return fired tear gas to calm the situation.

police woman

Military police had to be deployed to calm the situation which had turned with a number of Besigye’s supporters being injured in the scuffle.

In the resultant scuffle, a female police officer was hit by a stone on the head before being rushed to hospital.

Later in the day, police towed Besigye’s Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle to Wandegeya police station where by press time (7pm) he was still holed up.

Security remains heavy throughout the city centre with both police and military on the streets to ensure calmness.

Military and police manning Kampala streets

Military and police manning Kampala streets


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