Photos: How Court Bailiffs Raided Uchumi Super Market

The shelves were left in one pile after a court bailiffs raised Uchumi Supermarket

Uganda People`s Defense Forces’ Lt. General Ivan Koreta who has been on “Katebe” for the last two years has finally landed a new role in the neighboring South Sudan.

Lt. Gen. Koreta, online shop who rose through  the ranks to Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, viagra 60mg troche was dropped in 2003 and appointed ambassador to a country that was never named.

Since 2003 Koreta — who was replaced by Lt. Gen. Charles Angina — has been without official deployment and rarely seen in public save for special UPDF programs like promotion functions.

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He recently actively participated in the handling of burial arrangement of former army commander Gen. Aronda Nyakairima.

As it turns out, cost the appointing authority President Yoweri Museveni who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the UPDF had not forgotten about the mustached bush-war hero who commanded the 13th NRA Battalion that was tasked to guard the Kampala-Gulu Highway at Matugga during the battle to capture Kampala in 1986.

Gen. Koreta was on Monday appointed to the Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM) team for South Sudan that recently witnessed a peace agreement between the government and rebel forces.

Koreta is to head the Ugandan group in the team that will be under the regional body IGAD, which mediated the talks in Addis Ababa.

The announcement was made by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador James Mugume at the Uganda Media Centre while announcing the official withdrawal of Ugandan forces from South Sudan together with the Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala.

“Importantly, under the IGAD mediated agreement of 17th August 2015 in Addis Ababa, Uganda is one of the guarantors of the peace process in South Sudan. Subsequently, Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta has been appointed to the Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM),” Amb.Mugume said.

Meanwhile still from the UPDF, the Field Monitoring Team that is going to be based in South Sudan and visiting the contentious spots between the government and rebels includes Brig. Joram Mugume, Col. Kagoro Asingura and Maj. Fred Byegarazo Asaba.

The UPDF contingent in South Sudan under the command of 4th Division Commander, Brig. Kayanja Muhanga started withdrawing from the country today.

Who Is Lt. Gen. Koreta?

General Ivan Koreta, previously served as the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces (DCDF), the second-highest position the Ugandan military. He served in that capacity from 2005 until 2013, when was replaced by Lieutenant General Charles Angina.

He also concurrently served as the Chairman of the General Court Martial, the second-highest military court in Uganda. He served in that capacity between 2006 and 2009


While still in his teens, he attended military training in Mozambique, as a member of FRONASA, a guerilla group led by Yoweri Museveni. He participated in the war that removed Idi Amin from power in 1979.

When Museveni formed the National Resistance Army (NRA) in 1981, Ivan Koreta joined him. During that war, referred to as the Ugandan Bush War, he became a battalion commander in the NRA. His military unit, the 13th NRA Battalion, was tasked to guard the Kampala-Gulu Highway at Matugga, during the battle to capture Kampala, the capital of Uganda, in April 1986.

Military Career

Over the years, since the National Resistance Army captured power and was subsequently transformed into the Uganda People’s Defence Force, Ivan Koreta has served in various roles including the following:

Commander of First Division of UPDF: 1986 – 1988 (at rank of Brigadier)

Deputy Director of Internal Security Organization (ISO): 1988 – 2001

Promoted to rank of Major General: 2001

Promoted to rank of Lieutenant General and appointed Commandant of Uganda Senior Command and Staff College at Kimaka, being the first military officer to serve in that capacity: 2004

Appointed Deputy Commander of Defence Forces in Uganda: 2005

Appointed Chairman of the General Court Martial: 2006

Appointed Ambassador to a country yet to be named: 2013



Following closure of most of their Kampala branches including in Nateete and Kabalagala recently, link woes of   Kenyan owned supermarket Uchumi seem not to be over after the Commercial court ordered attachment of the supermarket property over debts.

Local chicken company Ugachick dragged the supermarket to the Commercial Court over failure to pay a debt totaling to over shs185 million following supply of chicken to their different outlets.

Last Wednesday, medications Justice Christopher Mandrama ordered that property belonging to the supermarket be attached by Ugachick, to recover their debt.

On Monday afternoon, court bailiffs led by Jackson Mwesigwa and Ugachick lawyers led by a one Ssekabojja proceeded to Uchumi supermarket Garden City branch.

“We heard from sources that the supermarket was closing business yet they had not yet paid the debt.  We had to take action immediately to recover our client’s money,” one of the Ugachick lawyer noted.

Guards watch over the locked doors of the Store

Guards watch over the locked doors of the Store

However, these met resistance from the supermarket management who could not allow confiscation of the property.

They ordered the security guards not to let anyone touch the property including shelves that had now been thrown outside the supermarket.

Meanwhile, management closed the main shopping area to stop bailiffs from making more damage.

The supermarket manager who refused to disclose his name told Chimpreports that they indeed have an outstanding debt but it was wrong for Ugachick to confiscate their property.

The supermarket and Ugachick representatives were later engaged in a meeting to see how they would resolve the matter without attaching the property but the efforts hit a dead end and bailiffs insisted on following the court order.


They started breaking the padlocks to the supermarket shortly before police around advised them that it was already 5pm and it was unlawful to execute the court order after the official time.

Chimpreports has learnt separately that most of the shelves inside the supermarket are empty after the property was either sold off or withdrawn.

Uchumi supermarket has been embroiled in a financial crisis that saw them close most of their outlets in Kampala and subsequently laying off more than 180 workers.


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