PHOTOS: Farmers Tipped on Profitable Agriculture at Presidential Demonstration Farm

Farmers from masindi at the demonstration farm in mayuge

Ninety farmers from Kigulya Division in Masindi district, Bunyoro Sub-Region were taught how to plan for profitable production activities on a four-acre piece of land with different enterprises at the Kityerera Presidential Demonstration Farm in Maguye District, Busoga Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda.

Monday Naboth, the group leader, said a one Vincent Musinguzi who saw that the farmers in Masindi were not practicing good farming practices organized the tour.

President Yoweri Museveni has always told wananchi that if put to good use, a four-acre piece of land can be used for commercial agriculture and this can greatly improve wealth.

“In one acre, you can grow clonal coffee; fruits in the 2nd acre, the 3rd acre food crops and then the 4th acre elephant grass for zero grazing. At the backyard you can have poultry. With that package, a family can earn over Shs.50 million annually,” the President asserts.

Charles Lubandi, the Agricultural Officer in charge of the Kityerera Farm taught the Masindi farmers how to plant and care for different crops including bananas, oranges, passion fruits, pineapples, mushrooms and mangoes.


He also taught them how to manage backyard enterprises like poultry rearing and zero grazing in cattle.

Lubandi also told the farmers that having poultry and rearing animals on their land could address the need for fertilizers for crops to grow well.

“Manure from poultry and goats is better than the manure from cows because it tends to have more nitrogen and phosphorus, which elements are easily absorbed into the soil,” he said.

On the concerns about erratic climate that calls for prompt need for irrigation, the farmers were encouraged to use drip irrigation.

Museveni says that while government is in the meantime looking for ways of establishing irrigation schemes, farmers can use drip irrigation, especially for perennial crops like fruits and coffee.

Monday thanked the President for his commitment to wealth creation among Ugandans.

He said the tour had enlightened him about drip irrigation as he always wondered how the water is kept in the bottles with out getting done.


“I had a challenge with the drip irrigation system. I always put two holes on the bottles one at the top and another at the bottom and the water would get done in moments,” he revealed.

He said the tour had enabled him learn that only one hole is put at the top of the bottle and the bottle top is adjusted to ensure that water stays in the bottle for some time.

The farmers also visited Kawumu Presidential Demonstration Farm yesterday in Nakaseke district.



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