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PHOTOS: Ex Rebel PRA Suspect Maj Mugizi Returns Home

Maj Tom Mugizi addressing the media in Kampala on Wednesday

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (UPDF) have Wednesday unveiled Maj Tom Mugizi who had deserted the army before joining rebel activities.

Maj Mugizi was one of those linked with the People’s Redemption Army in 2011 that had bases in the DRC Ituri jungles.

In his address to the media in Kampala, stomach http://decarbon.uk.com/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php Mugizi said he left the country in 2001 amidst threats on his life from some sections of the army that accused him of being engaged in criminal activities.

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“My life was being threatened by Brig Noble Mayombo and Maj James Kazini but up to now I don’t know why, capsule http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-includes/capabilities.php ” Maj Mugizi told journalist.

“It is unfortunate that both died but I think the threat is no longer here.”

According to the former UPDF soldier, treat by 2001 when he left the country, his life was in danger and had to run to a safer place and ended up in South Africa.

He however denied having any links with rebel groups as had been alleged by the UPDF adding those were allegations put onto him in  by Brig Mayombo and Maj Kazini a bid to have him arrested and charged in the army court.

“I was a serving soldier and when I went into exile, they alleged I had joined rebel activities which was not true,” added Maj Mugizi.

He said that while in South Africa he joined FDC where he became chairman of the party in the region (Southern Africa) until recently when he returned in Uganda.

On his return from exile, Maj Mugizi said  it was out of his free will to come back home stressing that he saw to it that he had to help in building the nation.

“I know the public will judge me and say whatever they wish but the truth is I returned willingly.”

CMI boss Brigadier Charles Bakahumura says all army deserters are warmly welcome to Uganda

CMI boss Brigadier Charles Bakahumura says all army deserters are warmly welcome to Uganda

In the same manner, another FDC member and speaker for the party’s Southern Africa chapter Michael Kakooza also announced that he had returned from exile where he had been forced to find sanctuary in 2005.

He told journalists that in 2004 the army and police falsely accused him of charges before arresting and detaining him in a safe house.

“It was later found out that I had no charge and I was released. In 2005 I found my home in Bushenyi surrounded by the UPDF and took off up to South Africa,” Kakooza told journalists.

Rarely do military intelligence bosses address the media.

Chimp Corps say CMI’s motive in making such an announcement at a time of intense security preparations for President Museveni’s inauguration remains unclear.

The timing also is suspect considering that opposition figures are accused of planning to topple President Museveni through revolutions.

Analysts will argue that perhaps the CMI move is intended to win some credit after persuading the suspected insurgents to return home.

Bakahumura speaks

Addressing journalists, CMI boss Brig Charles Bakahumura said every person in exile would be welcomed with warm hands.

“I assure everyone who is threatened to return home because they are welcome. Nobody can threaten them. Even those errant UPDF officers who deserted the army are warmly welcome,” said Brig Bakahumura.

Maj Tom Mugizi was accused of being part of the PRA rebels that were at the time linked to FDC and opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye.


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