PHOTOS: EU Representatives Hold Talks With Besigye

Dr Kizza Besigye welcomes the delegation from EU at his house in Kasangati last week (Photos by Kenneth Kazibwe)

The State Minister in charge of Higher Education, website like this http://contactburlco.org/wp-admin/includes/image-edit.php Science and Technology, seek Prof. Sande Stevens Tickodri has highlighted the critical importance of stakeholder consultations as Uganda looks to establish an automotive industry.

He made the remarks on Friday during a consultative meeting where Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) presented a micro analysis of the buses and trucks market in Uganda.

The analysis explored key applications of commercial vehicles, asset financing, dealerships, spare parts stores as well as automotive value chain investment incentives.

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Several automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have so far expressed interest in partnering with Kiira Motors Corporation to establish a truck and bus manufacturing plant in Uganda.

Among them is Ashok Leyland and Mahindra from India, Chinese ‘Sino Truck’ and e-Traction an electronic power train system technology.

The Kayoola bus in Uganda will be using solar energy

Kiira Motors’ Kayoola Bus 

“Across East Africa, transportation by road is predominant and most important to sustainable trade and socio-economic development due to affordability and flexibility. Estimates show that 2.5 million vehicles ply roads in the region a day,” asserted the Minister.

He noted that investing in vehicle manufacturing in Uganda is critical adding that special economic zones offer opportunities for Uganda to start exporting automotive parts like seats.

According to the analysis, Uganda possesses vast commercial vehicle application especially given the transportation of agricultural produce, construction materials, waste management, logistics and mass transportation in cities. This therefore provides a steady market for Kiira Motors trucks and buses within Uganda alone.

Commercial vehicle owners in Uganda however, emphasize the need for competent and well stocked service centers to ensure that vehicles remain operational and hence increased profitability.

A field survey conducted by UDC for example shows that Japanese brands are preferred in the market for their durability and availability of spare parts.

For the trucks and buses project to be a successful venture the analysis recommended certain measures among them; vehicle financing options to promote new sales of vehicles made in Uganda over imported used cars.

There’s also urgent need for an automotive industry development policy framework to prioritize exportation of vehicles and limit importation
of finished used vehicles.

Participants in the consultative meeting included representatives from Uganda Revenue Authority, National Water and Sewarage Corporation, Uganda National Roads Authority, Uganda Investments Authority, Uganda Registration Service Bureau among others

Seven representatives from European Union countries and the US on Friday Afternoon paid a courtesy visit to opposition strongman and FDC’S Dr.Kizza Besigye and held a meeting at his home in Kasangati, visit this site http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130613/quickbooks.php Wakiso district.

The delegation was led by the European Union ambassador in Uganda Kristian Schmidt and entailed the French ambassador, generic http://cides.med.up.pt/templates/yoo_revista/warp/layouts/modules/templates/0-2-3.php UK High Commissioner, advice US deputy ambassador, the Dutch and Irish ambassadors.

These held a closed door meeting with Col Besigye which lasted about an hour. According to Besigye, the group discussed a number of issues among others the political situation in the country.

A police office clears the entrance for the delegation

A police office clears entry for the delegation

“They expressed concern over what has been going on and the opposition being stopped from expressing themselves freely in the country,” Besigye told journalists shortly after the meeting.

He said the delegation also expressed concern over the language and words used by politicians in Uganda that could worsen the political situation.

“They were concerned about the kind of words being used by all political sides and they feared that this could inflate the situation and cause violence, “he said.

Head of the Kasangati Police Operation Andrew Felix Kawesi chats with Kristian Schmidt as the group walks to Besigye's house

Head of the Kasangati Police Operation Andrew Felix Kawesi chats with EU’s Kristian Schmidt as the group walks to Besigye’s house

On his party, Dr Besigye once again expressed concern over his continued detention at his home by police, which he said has curtailed him from pursuing the court case in which he wishes to challenge the election results.

The Irish ambassador Donal Cronin said the meeting discussed pertinent issues they thought ought to be considered by both government and the opposition.

Besigye speaks to press after the meeting

Besigye speaks to press after the meeting

“We ask government to respect the rights of the opposition and their freedoms,” he said.

“We appealed to both parties to refrain from actions and words that would lead to violence. We mainly asked Besigye to use dialogue if he wants to challenge the outcome of elections.”



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