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PHOTOS: Besigye Rocks Lira

Besigye in a sea of crowds in Lira Town

A Humanitarian conference for the suffering population is the war ravaged South Sudan is expected to be convened in the United States in April this year.

A US nonprofit charity body Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS)- USA announced on Tuesday that 15th-16th April 2016 has been chosen to host the conference in Omaha in the State of Nebraska.

ROSS said it has realized an urgent humanitarian need in South Sudan that is yet to settle two years bloody internal conflict that broke out in December 2013; and felt the need to raise them to the Diaspora community, viagra 100mg http://dejanmilutinovic.com/wp-includes/date.php US policymakers and the people of goodwill.

The announcement comes just a day after three United Nations relief agencies warned of a serious looming hunger in South Sudan. The UN agencies said 2.5 million people, which is almost quarter of total population urgently need food aid.

ROSS stressed that the conference is going to discuss the means to help the internally displaced persons mainly in the hard to reach areas.

“To that end (15th -16th Feb), the conference will discuss robust ways and means to reach the IDPs, especially in places where access by local and international NGOs is either minimal or impossible as well as long term plans for food and physical security.”

About 2 million people are displaced within the country since the crisis started and another 650,000 people fled to the neighboring countries.

The ROSS organizing committee is expected to start sending out individuals and group invitations this week.
FDC Presidential Candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has promised to fully compensate the people of Arua who lost their cows during the LRA war in Northern Uganda, stuff http://ceris.ca/wp-includes/ms-default-filters.php Chimp Corps report.

Besigye made the declaration on Tuesday while campaigning in Lira.

Thousands lined the streets to take a glimpse of the opposition strongman.

Many more joined Besigye’s convoy as he trekked through the town to the venue of the rally.

Women, online http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-shipping-rate.php men and children were visibly excited by Besigye who kept flagging the FDC V-sign and shaking his head vigorously.

The youth danced to “Besigye Song Mbele” campaign song.

Others painted their bodies in FDC blue colours to show support for Besigye’s presidential bid.

Besigye receiving gifts from the people of Lira

Besigye receiving gifts from the people of Lira

Besigye expressed shock that government promised to compensate the Kony war victims but has never fulfilled its promise.

He promised each one a cow to start a new life. The brutal war left the town in ruins with lives lost and property worth millions of shillings destroyed.

Besigye will today campaign in Makindye and Rubaga Divisions of Kampala.

Excited youth demonstrating their support for Dr Besigye

Excited youth demonstrating their support for Dr Besigye

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