PHOTOS: Appreciate the Beauty of Ssese Islands

A sky of view at the beach as the evening wears on

If you’re looking for a place to slow it down in the most peaceful and lovely manner, Ssese Island is the place to be.

Ssese is the ideal place for those that want comfort, a peace of mind, and, a safe haven to those that attach quality and serenity to their vacation, holiday, meetings and retreats.

Be sure to enjoy the tranquillizing atmosphere at Lake Victoria.

The design of the terrain also gives you a chance to watch the leaves dance in the wind as you move to and from the main land.

No other place in the world has taken my breath away like the Ssese islands.

Last Wednesday, at about 10am alongside a group of Journalists, we set off from Kampala to Ssese Islands courtesy of Jumia Travel.



For as long as l remember; the Islands had been on my waitlist for the longest time, so the generous Jumia Travel granted me this opportunity.

It was a dream come true.

About Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands also known as Kalangala consists of 84 islands in the middle of Lake Victoria.

The largest island is Buggala with the surface area of 275 square kilometers which is also the second largest in Lake Victoria after Ukerewe Island in Tanzania, with a surface area of 530Sqkm.

Inside the lodges

Inside the lodges

Getting There

There are majorly two routes to Ssese Island, Entebbe route which is at a fee of Shs20,000 and Masaka route.

The Masaka route which we used, took us roughly 2 hours from Kampala to Bukakata where we embarked on a “ferry which was for Free” to Buggala island for 30 to 50 minutes sailing.

The loading area of the island

The loading area of the island

The ferry sails either directions every few hours from early morning to late afternoon.

At the Island

At the Island, we were hosted by the Scenic Brovard Sands lodge, a luxury beautiful lodge on Bugala Island.

It’s a wonderful holiday beach to stay at, given the fascinating features it comprises, not forgetting the tasty food and the lovely people in the area.

The swimming pool area

The swimming pool area

“It’s such a beauty and there rooms go for only 100 dollars,” Cynthia Tumwine, the Public Relation Officer of Jumia Travel, said.

Activities and places to Visit

What is going to a place and you don’t explorer, try out new things and meet new people?

Ssese islands have a piece for everyone. For the bird-watchers, this is the place to tour as you will see different types of birds in all corners of Ssese.

The island has some of the best lodges

The island has some of the best lodges

Other activities are playing golf, going for nature walks, hiking, biking, quad biking, swimming and boat cruising.

You can visit the Wanema shrine, Nanziri falls, Nnalongo Nanziri cave, fishing village, Bidco plantation, the Orthodox Church and, of course, the white sand beaches.

Don’ts at the Island

Make sure you don’t miss the ferry.

Missing the ferry implies spending a non-planned night at the beach, and travelling the next day.

The writer

The writer

Ssese Island belongs on the list of places you have to visit if you have the opportunity and as for me l will surely go back a thousand times.


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