Photos: 5 Arrested as MUBS Students Strike

Police arresting a female student

The Archbishop of York, buy England, doctor His Eminence John Sentamu has cautioned religious leaders against being muscled by State gifts and benefits that are time and again offered to them.

This follows complaints that the current religious leaders in Uganda can never measure up to the stature of the late Archbishop Janani Luwum who stood up for the truth against the high handed Idi Amin regime in the 1970s and was murdered in cold blood.

Archbishop Sentamu noted that the major issue is not receiving offers from the State but the recipient accepting to shut their mouth and stop commenting on the evils that affect citizens.

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“The church should always stay in critical solidarity with the state; point out what has gone wrong and express appreciation to what is best performed,” said Sentamu while addressing journalists at the media Centre in Kampala.

Sentamu said it is time for the church to come out and shape the nation since it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the rule of law prevails in the country.

“Religious leaders should walk in the light of Jesus Christ and must not compromise the truth because of some vehicles and cheap offers from the state.”

He further noted that Luwum was extremely courageous and never feared criticizing Amin for his brutality but agreed to face the risk of even losing his life.

Meanwhile at the conference, opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) president Dr Olara Otunnu unleashed a book he penned titled; Archbishop Janani Luwum, The life and Witness of a 20th Century Martyr.

Otunu said the story in the book is intimate and wholly illuminating introducing committed servant of God going over the details of his formative years, education and work in church and circumstances of his murder.

“The book is at Shs 7000 and i have dedicated the proceeds to support the work of Janani Luwum memorial and expansion of the book.”
Business on Thursday afternoon came to halt along Jinja road as MUBS students blocked the main road, nurse protesting  against what they said was negligence by Uganda National Roads Authority.

Blaming UNRA for the death of two of their fellow students in an accident yesterday, advice the rowdy students blocked the road for more than an hour as they painted a zebra crossing at the point of the accident.

This prompted police led by newly appointed Kampala East RPC Andrew Kaggwa to engage in running battles with the students who hurled stones at the cops in return.

IMG_0014 (3)

According to John Patrick Bugingo, tadalafil one of the student leaders, they only wanted to ensure the dangerous spot on the road was clearly marked for speeding drivers who have proved a threat to the students.

“It was not meant to cause havoc but to create a safe crossing area for us, considering an incident in which we lost 2 of our members. We had asked the concerned authorities to put in place either humps or a zebra crossing but they turned a deaf ear to our call,” noted the second year Science and marketing student.

IMG_0006 (1)

RPC Kaggwa told ChimpReports that they were prompted to swing into action after students had blocked the road and traffic came to a standstill.

“We were forced to use other means to ensure the road was opened by the students who had now turned chaotic and threw stones leading to arrest of some of their colleagues in a bid to calm the situation,” Kaggwa explained.

IMG_0019 (5)

He urged the students to be calm and promised to engage UNRA to see that their grievances are resolved.

“I have resolved to station a traffic officer at the spot to help control traffic as we discuss the solution with the Uganda National Roads Authority.”

The situation has however returned to normal but police still mans the
all entrances to the institution of higher learning.


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