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PHOTO: Norwegian Refugee Council Worker Arrested in South Sudan Named

ChimpReports has got the names and obtained the picture of a Norwegian Refugee Council senior worker arrested and detained by the South Sudan military intelligence, pharmacy the National Security Service.

On Thursday, visit web the Council’s spokesperson, sildenafil Tuva Bognes told the Associated Press that the National Security Service operatives stormed their offices in Juba and disappeared with the worker.

She however did not mention the name of the staff.

This website has learned that the arrested person is not just a staff but the Country Director of Norwegian Refugee Council, Victor Moses.

He was taken to the military Intelligence’s headquarters in the Juba suburb of Jebel where mainly political and security related suspects are usually detained.

“Victor Moses was picked from us during the broad day light yesterday. We didn’t hear anything from the guys (security operatives) who took him,” a source at the Council’s headquarters’ told this reporter.

Though the Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent organization, the Scandinavian nation remains the biggest donor after the United States and the United Kingdom, extending close to $100m annually to the war torn South Sudan.

South Sudan has 2.2m people displaced internally and close to half of the 13 million population is depending on foreign aid since a bloody civil war broke out in December 2013.

South Sudan government is however seen to be having better relationship with Norway unlike other two members of the Torika States- US and the UK who are seen as diplomatic bullies.


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