PHOTO: Besigye Stranded in U.S., Misses Golden Jubilee Award

The plane which delayed Besigye's flight at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye was by Sunday night still stranded following a flight disruption.

Besigye was expected to leave United States around 10:30pm only for his flight to delay for almost two hours.

“The aircraft I am about to board at Newark airport seems to be getting patched-up! Flight delayed by 90 minutes, buy ” said Besigye on Sunday night.

Two hours later, page Besigye added: “Our flight delayed further! It’s not clear now when we’ll depart Newark Liberty International Airport.”

By Monday morning, drugs it was unclear whether Besigye had managed to fly back to Uganda.

The FDC honcho has been touring United States and Europe to galvanise his support in the Diaspora after losing the 2016 general elections.


Besigye was listed among former lawmakers who would today Monday receive the Golden Jubilee awards.

Officials said the awards are intended to recognize the previous MPs for their contribution to the democratisation of the country.

“Each Parliament had its unique contributions and challenges. Those of the Parliament in 1958 were different from the Parliament in 2016,” said Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga last week.

“These awards are meant to recognize former legislators for work done in building democracy in Uganda.”

Parliament in conjunction with the Presidential Awards Committee is today decorating about 1,400 legislators who have served in the House since Uganda’s Independence with the Golden Jubilee Medal.

The ceremony, to be presided over by the President and where current MPs who served in previous parliaments, will also be honored has opened at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Kadaga said that the awards were not her creation but fell under the National Honors and Awards Act, 2001. She said that the reported negative perception by sections of the public about the awards may be because MPs’ contributions have not been well explained.

Kadaga explained that initially Members of the 9th Parliament were due to be recognized in 2013 in Tororo, but that the function did not take off.

“Because of instability in the country in the past, some MPs left without any recognition at the end of their term,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker said that Office of the President had procured the medals in 2012 and that Parliament would only hire the venue of the event, to host the ceremony.


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