Peng Peng Wanted By World Police Over Xenophobic Video Prank

Peng Peng posing as a South African Xenophobic gang leader

Ugandan comedian,and prominent blogger, Raymond better known as Peng Peng is in deep trouble.

What he pulled off as a funny prank that was supposed to earn him great repute has instead turned him into one of the most hated man on this planet. And that’s not it; he also faces arrest and criminal charges.

Peng Peng yesterday posted a video in which he projected himself as the leader of xenophobic gang that has been murdering fellow Africans in South Africa.

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In the video, he claimed to have killed seven Gambian nationals in Durban, apparently because of a certain internationally recognised Gambian blogger, who recently spoke irately about the xenophobic attackers.

In a faked South African accent, Peng Peng also vowed to hunt down all the remaining immigrants in South African and kill them.

Now, the video like he wished, instantly went viral across the globe, getting millions of views on social media.

Reports indicate that in some countries like the US and Canada, the video found its way to television news and other media outlets

But then, it has attracted furious response, that could plunge the Sweden based Ugandan entertainer into big trouble.

Calls as you read this are piling up to have him arrested and charged. Reports indicate that he is one of the most wanted criminals in the United States.

Some disgusted commentators have vowed to contact both the Ugandan and Swedish Police, to have Peng Peng apprehended and made to answer to the video, which they say is filled with messages of hate and incitement.

Peng Peng claims he only did this for fun, and that he is just a comedian.

The blogger, who is a household name in Uganda, has since issued an apology particularly to the Gambian government and citizens.

“I thought I could take the other side and pretend to be the bad guy. I thought I could take the risk and mimic the killers. But I am black and I love Africans, and I was simply acting this out. I apologize to whoever has been offended by that video,” he noted.

Nonetheless angry comments are still pouring in from all around the world, rebuking his decision to take advantage of such a tense and boldly situation in south Africa to seek his own popularity.


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