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Pearl FM’s Bashir to Challenge Lukwago for Lord Mayor

Bashir Khasim is challenging Erias Lukwago for the Mayoral seat

Mr Francis Magambe Byaruhanga, stuff http://cfmasv.com/wp-content/themes/construct/lib/shortcodes/15-portfolio.php the former Director of Road Agency Formation Unit (RAFU), tadalafil a precursor of UNRA, medicine has asked the probe commission to undertake a detailed investigation to establish what caused the Pakwach – Nebbi road to fail prematurely.

Byaruhanga, who appeared as a witness before the commission sitting in Equatorial Hall at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday, said there are various underlying factors that may deter a road from finishing its design life.

“I cannot begin to apportion blame because I have no facts. A team of specialists should be hired to carry out comprehensive investigations to affirm the commission’s observations on the road,” he advised.

“Based on that, we’ll know what the problem was, the cause and determine who was responsible,” added Byaruhanga.

He told the commission that the defects on the road first appeared during the defects liability period.

On the advice of the supervising consultant (Parkman Limited, a British firm), an inspection was carried out by representatives from RAFU, Ministry of Works and the contractor.

“Defects were identified and remedial measures were recommended and the contractor fixed them,” he added.

The former Director also cited failure to intervene quickly to do maintenance as a possible reason why the road deteriorated.

Delay in sealing the cracks in effect enabled water to penetrate into the road base which was composed of lime, a bad reactor with water.

Low confidence 

UNRA Probe Commissioner Eng. Rusongoka asked; “The road had a defects liability period of one year but you extended it to 2 more years. Isn’t this an indication that RAFU wasn’t confident in work done by the contractor?”

The Engineer also cited poor quality of materials used such as 140 metre crash stones instead of 200 metre ones as required in the contract.

“If this happened, it tantamount into fraud and has to be investigated. I’m surprised that this could happen on the watch of the consultant. Parkman Ltd was paid to ensure road is constructed according to contract so they should have identified this,” responded Byaruhanga.

It is said that Parkman Ltd has since changed its name implying locating it for an explanation will be difficult for the commission since it’s no longer established in Uganda.

The Pakwach – Nebbi road was constructed by China Road and Bridge Corporation and completed in 2005.

The project was funded at the tune of Shs 22bn by World Bank through a loan to the government.

However, the World Bank is also faulted for not doing proper supervision to ensure that value for money was got.

Earlier this week, the former Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Works, Mr. Charles Muganzi told the commission that World Bank denied responsibility and was ‘elusive’ to the failures on the road.
Days after Erias Lukwago announced intentions to seek another term as the Kampala Lord Mayor; he is facing instant competition from within his own Democratic Party.

Chimpreports has landed on 39 year old Democrat Bashir Khamis who intends to give the incumbent a bloody nose in the coming elections.

Khamis, and http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-http-encoding.php a marketing Manager at Pearl FM says his attempt at the top seat borders on Kampala ever rising demand for better services.

“The people of Kampala deserve the best as far as service delivery is concerned; am a free style leader who grew up in this city and understands exactly how to turn it around, see ” he told Chimpreports yesterday.

Khamis noted that the lack of a political wing at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) in the past years has cost the city dwellers a lot of benefits and better standards of living.

“The Executive Director is just a technical head who needs a political head for better service delivery. I am ready to work hand in hand with Mrs. Jennifer Musisi for the good of all Ugandans as long as we are working within the law,” noted Khamis.

“I have also come to unite the people of Kampala who are divided along different lines of tribes, religion, political parties and background.”

Khamis asked the people of Kampala not to waste time voting for Erias Lukwago, saying the he would never be allowed to step at City Hall anyway.

“My friend Lukwago might think that I have come to compete with him but this isn’t the case because my major focus is to defeat the NRM in Kampala. Nonetheless, the people of Kampala are not asleep; they well know that Museveni and his camp would never allow Lukwago to step his feet at City Hall.”

Khamis will be competing for the DP ticket in the primaries with Hajji Issa Kikungwe. He will thereafter face the NRM’s Mohammed Nsiegumire Kibedi and Erias Lukwago.

On top of working as Pearl FM Marketing Manager, Khamis owns Interstate Safaris Limited, a transporting company. He holds a Degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University.

He is also the DP Chairperson in Kawempe South.

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