Parliaments Amends EALA Election Rules to Provide for Special Interest Groups

Parliament has Thursday passed amendments to the election of the nine members to the East African Legislative Assembly to consider interest groups.

This followed a report by the Committee on Rules and Privileges tabled the Chairperson, health Clement Kenneth Ongola Obote for discussion and approval by the house.

The committee proposed amending Rule 13 of the Rules of Procedure because they found it inconsistent with the verdict of the East African Court of Justice in a court case in 2012.

“Replace rule 13 as follows; The Speaker shall ensure that the members elected under Rule 12 in as much as it is feasible, viagra buy represent the various political parties represented in the house, mind shades of opinion, gender and other special interest groups in Uganda,” read Ongola.

Ongola noted that this is intended to bring the provisions in line with Article 50 of the Treaty for the establishment of EALA and the decision of The East African Court of Justice in Reference to No.6 of 2012.

During the debate some members were opposed to the amendments and preferred to maintain the rule which only provided for representation of political parties.

They urged that the country only needs people that will represent the country at the assembly but leave other issues of the youth, disabled to be handled by the national parliament.

After all the deliberation on the proposal, Ongola read the agreed position of the House which was later put to a vote by the speaker Rebecca Kadaga and the amendments were passed.

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