Parliament Orders Inquiry Into Random Closure of School

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Following the recent unbridled closure of both Primary and Secondary schools in the country, information pills the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, help Jacob Oulanyah has ordered the committee on Education to commence an inquiry into the matter.

Since the beginning of the first term, mind government officials in different districts around the country have carried our operations in which a number of schools have been closed over low standards.

Reasons being given for the closure, however, have been questioned by Nakaseke lawmaker, Paulsen Lutamaguzi who today rose on a matter of national importance calling for a report of Parliament concerning the subject matter.

“So far in Nakaseke district, 20 schools have been closed and I have received information that similar cases are happening across the country; I am not against the closure but the time has greatly affected the pupils who have already paid school fees,” Lutamaguzi said.

Lutamaguzi added, “What is disturbing is that the Ministry of Education is silent on the matter. My prayer is that Parliament and the Ministry come out and intervene as well as issue a report with detailed guidelines regulating the closure of schools.”

In her response to the matter, the government Chief whip, Ruth Nankabirwa confirmed that the operation is an on-going government program which is aimed at closing all schools that are below standard.

“We have been experiencing closure of schools which are below standards, it is an on-going program; there are schools which are doing a disservice to our children,” Nankabirwa said.

Nankabirwa added, “The schools are not abruptly closed, Ministry of Education has got a network of monitors who work with them in the district and by the time they close the school, inspection is first done.”

Kalungu South legislator, Joseph Ssewungu tasked Nankabirwa to explain why government continues to close down private schools some of which are in better state than government schools.

On this, Nankabirwa noted that, “For the sake of UPE schools, government has plans to improve the schools but private schools are always given chance to submit plans to improve and when they don’t oblige, the Ministry comes in to close the schools.”

However, the Deputy Speaker, accused government of carrying out such operations without prior informing Parliament ordering the committee of Education to commence investigations into the matter with immediate effect.


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