Parliament Okays New Proposals on Medical Interns

Michael Bukenya, the Parliamentary Health Committee Chairperson

The Parliamentary Health Committee has on Wednesday okayed the new policy guidelines on the operation of medical interns in the country as revised by the Ministry of Health.

Medical interns throughout the country took to streets in peaceful protest against the said policies and they were promised by the Health Committee to have their issues sorted.

The committee Chairperson, decease Dr. Michael Bukenya told the media on Wednesday that committee members have agreed with the Ministry’s proposals which will help streamline the operation of medical interns in the country.

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“We have agreed with the Ministry’s proposal to shift the management of interns from Mulago Hospital to the Ministry of Health and that all Intern doctors must sign contracts before internship, information pills specifying the work they are entitled to, symptoms the duration of internship and how they are to be catered for,” Bukenya said.

“The only divergent point which we need to conclude on is the issue of intern pre-entry program due to some reasons; one is whether the Ministry is ready to conduct exams because it calls for a budget to hold the exams for 1000 students and what do the guidelines say about these exams,” Bukenya noted.

“We have agreed with the bonding of intern doctors after their internship, since the issue was also Okayed by the 9th Parliament.”

“Due to the shortage of Medical workers in the country, we agree that doctors after internship should be bonded for at least two years, looked after, paid accommodation for and paid some salaries to serve Ugandans to get a recovery of their investments.”

“We also agreed that in the bonding, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) should be signed with the Ministry of local government.”

The ministry is in the process of making guidelines which apparently by the meeting yesterday were not available

Bukenya added that members have tasked the Minister to avail the national internship guidelines by Monday so as to agree on the issue on the pending issue of pre-intern exams.

“The members had mixed reactions questioning the need for these exams because internship is as well viewed as an exam since once failed, one won’t be availed with a working license.”


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