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Parliament Needs English Speakers – Lukyamuzi Taunts Contender Lubwama

Lukyamuzi meets Supporters in Lubaga after being nominated on Wednesday

Lubaga South Member of Parliament John Kenny Lukyamuzi has after being nominated for the same seat, page vowed to continue pursuing his purpose of restoring the rule of law in the country through his membership in the country’s legislative organ.

Lukyamuzi told his supporters at his home in Lubaga that after a thorough search and looking through all fellow contenders, sale he found out that nobody could effectively represent the people of Lubaga other than himself.

“You must all understand that being an MP isn’t a joking subject for people who can’t even express themselves in English; do they expect to table issues before parliament in local languages?” Lukyamuzi emphasized.

The 63 year old who has represented Lubaga since 2001 is contesting with CBS presenter and comedian, nurse Kato Lubwama who was also duly nominated yesterday at UMA show grounds in Kampala.

Lukyamuzi noted that those accusing him of poor performance despite being in parliament for three terms should remember that he is one of the only two MPs that have ever received a golden medal for good deliberation in the House.

Lukyamuzi was nominated at UMA Show Ground yesterday

Lukyamuzi was nominated at UMA Show Ground yesterday

“You should all understand that MPs are not elected to construct roads or build trenches but rather pass resolutions that enable such services to be offered by government which I have effectively done in my last terms,” he asserted.

“I am on record for having fought and stopped the spray of the deadly DDT that would affect all Ugandans.”

Lukyamuzi observed that he is among a few MPs that have fought to ensure that the rule of law is restored in the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) through the restoration of the office of the Lord Mayor.

“I have fought to block the new bill aimed at infringing on the rights of the people of Kampala to elect a Lord Mayor of their choice as opposed to being elected by councilors.”

On the other hand, Lukyamuzi called upon President Museveni to stop intimidating Ugandans with a purported possible military Coup. “President Museveni must understand that if he managed to cause a fundamental change, other Ugandans like me can also bring another change.”

On this he vowed to continue canvassing support for his presidential candidate and FDC flag bearer, Dr. Kiiza Besigye in the pursuit of a fundamental change.



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