Parliament Legal Committee Starts Hearing on Human Rights Enforcement Bill

The Bill Sponsor MP Jovah Kamateka

The Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has Monday started considering the Human Rights Enforcement Bill that was tabled by the Human Rights Committee Chairperson Jovah Kamateeka.

Kamateeka who is also the Woman MP for Mitooma District submitted the rationale and objectives of the bill to the committee yesterday, physician saying that it will in effect give people opportunity to choose to file human rights violation cases to the Uganda Human Commission or in Courts of law.

“The Bill is aimed at empowering the courts of law provide a procedure that indeed a person can go to the Magistrates Court or High Court to lodge a complaint against human rights abuse, drugs ” noted Kamateeka.

Currently, order there is no human rights procedure for courts to use while handling human rights related cases because the Constitutional Court ruled that the 2008 Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Enforcement Procedure Rules passed by the parliamentary Rules Committee was Unconstitutional.

Court ruled that the Rules committee usurped the powers of parliament by making the said enforcement rules.

But with the creation of parliamentary committee on human rights that has been given powers to initiate bills in related matters, Kamateeka observed that the legal committee should consider the bill and pass it to ease operations of the High Court.

However, some committee members wondered whether the bill will not limit powers of the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

In response, Kamateeka noted that, the bill is rather taking further the role of the Human Rights Commission, facilitating Courts of law to hear cases of Human Rights Abuses.

“The Commission will continue doing what it has been doing, holding quasi judicial tribunals and hearing peoples’ cases as well as give compensation.”


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