Park Yard Market: Police Defends Stick Wielding Goons

Some of the stick wielding men who came after Lukwago (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe)

The police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has defended the goons who blocked Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago from accessing the demolished Park Yard market on Monday.

Lukwago and KCCA councilors who had gone to visit the market survived assault from the group men who chased his vehicle with sticks.

Responding to a question by journalists on Tuesday morning, prostate Kaweesi said the goons were traders who were protecting their merchandise from looters.

“We arrested 2 of them and told us they were traders in the market who were cautious with their security, troche “the police mouthpiece said.

“They opted to carry sticks to protect their merchandise and I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

According to Kaweesi, visit carrying sticks in public is not an offence. He said the youths acted legally and equated them to someone who keeps a cane at home to protect themselves from robbers.

“Holding a stick is not a crime until you use it to commit a crime. These were traders who opted to protect their merchandise. ”

Put to task to explain the relationship between the group and police, Kaweesi denied them but said they are just vigilant about their security.

Kaweesi also noted that before the demolition, traders through their leaders had agreed that they would relocate.

The police publicist revealed that the developer of Nakivubo Stadium secured a court order allowing him to demolish the market.

“On Sunday, the IGP called all stakeholders including traders’ leaders, Nakivubo stadium management and the developer and they agreed to relocate to USAFI market and other places.

“Kaweesi noted the exercise on Monday overseen by police was not a demolition but a mere relocation.


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