Over 5000 Bodabodas Impounded in Crackdown Operation

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Commander, Norman Musinga

Traffic Police in Kampala have impounded over 5000 bodabodas since Friday last week in an operation launched to restore discipline on the road.

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Commander, site Norman Musinga told the media on Tuesday that the operation has so far seen a reduction in bodaboda accidents in the city.

“Since the operation was launched on Friday, treatment we have not registered any fatal accidents in town, traffic jam is reducing and the level of compliance to the regulations has risen among the cyclists,” Musinga noted.

Some of the impounded motorcycles at CPS

Some of the impounded motorcycles at CPS

The operation he said is targeting cyclists who don’t posses driving permits, crash helmets, PSV, insurance, those overloading and carrying more than one passenger and violating traffic lights.

The victims are arrested and their motor cycles impounded and are released upon fulfilling the above requirements.

Musinga requested the cyclists and the affected people to bear with the inconveniences so as to streamline the business.

He also condemned cyclists who instead of complying, fought and knocked down traffic officers who were executing their duties.

“It is gross indiscipline for someone to be arrested in the wrong and begins fighting our officers yet they are working to ensure his safety and security on the road.”

He has appealed to the members of the public not to politicize the operation but perceive it as an operation that will safe guard the lives of every road user.


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