Our Corruption Has Helped Neocolonialism – Gen Tumwiine

Gen Elly Tumwiine

The former Army Commander and UPDF representative in Parliament, approved website General Elly Tumwine has called upon all Ugandans and African enemies of Neocolonialism, more about cheap to turn their guns on corruption first.

Speaking at the Live Pan African Debate at Fairway Hotel under the theme: “Should the fight against corruption in Africa be a preserve of government institutions alone?” the general said that the complete and total liberation of Africa would only be achieved through reducing corruption.

“This is the time when we should all stand on our feet and put to end to corruption, get rid of all those corrupt leaders who have sold our continent, and replace them with more Pan-African ones,” Tumwine demanded.

Tumwine observed that Africa’s biggest problem still remained lack of confidence amongst its people, which has rendered them too lazy to stand against the corrupt leadership.

He noted that the vice of corruption is an issue that is supposed to be wholesomely fought by all people starting from their families up to government level.

“Corruption is the abuse of entrusted authority for personal gain, right from government to the family level.

“If a father sells his girl child into early marriage, that father is corrupt because he has abused his authority.”

Tumwine noted that Africans had surrendered their roles and that government workers could do whatever they liked and get away without being touched.

He remarked that the government of Uganda had expressed interest in fighting corruption by putting up seven different laws that are all meant to combat the vice.

“The laws of Uganda empower all of us to fight corruption; these include the Uganda’s Constitution Act 17 which states that it is a duty of every Ugandan to fight corruption. It also establishes a number of bodies and organs to fight corruption.”

“Parliament in 2002 passed the Inspectorate of government Act which introduced the office of IGG to fight corruption.”

A former teacher and vocal nationalist and Pan-Africanist, Gen Tumwiine is the brain behind the Volunteer Anti Corruption Campaign Africa [VACCA], a movement that mobilizes against corruption in the country under the Motto “We Shall Win.”

Gen Tumwiine is among the country’s highest ranking army officials and a key figure in the six year guerrilla warfare that brought into power the current National Resistance Movement government.

He is remembered as the man that fired the first bullet of the revolution while the NRA fighters captured the quarter guard at Kabamba barracks; the very first barracks they captured.


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