Oulanyah, Okot-Ogong appeal for more Support to North at UNAAA

Jacob Oulanyah

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, website Jacob Oulanyah and Dokolo South Member of Parliament Felix Okot-Ogong have appealed for more support to the Northern Uganda which is recovering from the two decades of a devastating war.

The two politicians who hail from the region are attending the Uganda North American Association Convention in Boston, salve Massachusetts.

Oulanyah on his part told the participants at the Northern Uganda Forum that people must reject renewed calls for war in the area and instead focus on opportunities to quickly salvage the region from
poverty and inspire development.

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“The people of Northern Uganda have suffered from war; those talking about war are absolutely sick and must be told in their faces. What our people need now are development prospects and drastic reduction of poverty, pharm ” said Oulanyah.

The Lord’s Resistance Army under rebel leader Joseph Kony ravaged Northern Uganda from the late 1980s, setting back development and progress for over two decade. The rebels, following failed attempts to negotiations and a peaceful end to the conflict were eventually pushed out of Northern Uganda and are currently in the Central African Republic where they continue to cause mayhem.

“What we need is support, which government has sourced from development partners,” said Oulanyah, and without mentioning anyone,” adding that “Our major problem is attitude of some of the players who are calling for war in Northern Uganda. These we must resent them with the entire sneer on our faces.”
He said that the story of Northern Uganda is one of hope, which must be restored and that the region must first work on prejudice before trying to do its own public relations.

Oulanyah said that the shadows of conflict had hidden a lot of issues including land conflicts, which must be addressed, now that the war is over.

He appealed to Ugandans in the Diaspora not to simply look on, but to assist Northern Uganda regain its lost glory.

Meanwhile the former Chair of the Greater North Parliamentary Group, Felix Okot Ogong (NRM, Dokolo) also appealed to the people of Northern Uganda to look at the future and take up the available opportunities in order to transform the region.

He said that with the government support and political will, the region must now focus on manufacturing, services and entertainment for development as people move from agriculture, which is affected by unpredictable weather changes.

The Minister of Northern Uganda, Hon. Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, highlighted in the same event the government’s programmes intended to transform and develop Northern Uganda. She said government has launched PRDP 3 and NUSAF 3 2016 – 2021 intended to focus on household income enhancement and livelihood improvement as a drive towards a middle income economy.

“Both programmes have addressed problems at the low level and created organized groups at the middle level, hence the need for cooperatives to organize and empower people to produce more,” she said.



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