Otunnu Okays Akena to Stand for UPC Presidency

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has published a list of the country’s top tax defaulters. The list contains 230 defaulting clients with a corresponding total liability of over Shs 60bn who despite URA’s advice and reminders to pay their outstanding tax arrears were not responsive.

The list also includes those that have signed Memorandums of Understandings (MOU) with URA to pay their taxes in installments but have grossly breached these agreements. 

According to URA’s manager debt collection, thumb help http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-template-functions.php Abudu Salaam Waiswa, clients that make it to the shame list are the difficult, untraceable and uncooperative ones who have ignored URA’s calls to settle their obligations over time and have instead closed their businesses and others illegally changing their business names or shifting business locations.

“This is the final call. The listed taxpayers should settle their outstanding tax arrears and whoever will not settle their respective liabilities within the seven days shall be enforced on in accordance to the relevant tax laws,” Waiswa noted today.

Away from notifying the defaulting clients to approach URA and settle their liabilities, the shame list is also intended to send a signal to the general public to shun doing business with non-compliant taxpayers.

Under the Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Assets (PPDA) Act, being tax compliant is one of the pre-requisites for eligibility to supply goods and services to the government. Therefore people doing business with the entities on the shame list should notify URA or suspend their dealings with such defaulters until they are cleared by URA.

Before the close of this financial year ending June 30th, URA intends to massively enforce against the defaulters on the list by closing their business premises, blocking the individual defaulters from travelling outside Uganda, as well as applying to court for Bankruptcy orders against some the shameful defaulters.

“We also call upon the members of the public to share with URA information about the whereabouts of the defaulters we have published so we can take the necessary action against them in our pursuit to develop Uganda together,” Abudu Salaam concluded.

Click in the link below to download full list:

Defaulters Full List





In what looks like a move aimed at burying their hatchet, viagra sale http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-render-embed-endpoint.php outgoing UPC President Dr. Olara Otunnu has extended an olive branch and allowed Jimmy Akena to stand for the highest seat in the party.

Akena had been barred from standing for UPC presidency allegedly after handing in late his nomination papers beyond the stipulated April 17, sale http://debbiehowes.com/wp-includes/media.php 2015 deadline.

However addressing journalists on Monday at the party headquarters in Kampala, http://collegenotester.com/applications/dashboard/modules/class.userinfomodule.php Otunnu said that the party had sat and considered to focus on what he termed as a bigger picture and bring members aboard.

“We have always been prepared to bend over backwards for the sake of promoting unity and reconciliation within the party. We have therefore decided after broad consultations and as an exceptional measure, to avail him with nomination papers so that he stands for UPC presidency,” Otunnu said on Monday afternoon.


The UPC President however bashed Akena for trying to circumventing the injunction and providing a fake consent order dated February 2, 2015 purportedly to extend his original injection which he said was out of order.

“I have never seen a court order which bears no signature of the registrar or judge, undated and has no official seal. It was absurd for such an act by him and his group.”

On the recent court ruling that upheld him as UPC president, Otunnu noted that the victory was not for any individual but for the party as a whole adding that the ruling repudiated all the claims that the Akena and David Pulkol groups have been making against the UPC leadership.

“The court affirmed the mandate of the party president and the validity of the electoral process that is underway now,” Otunnu said.

“We however would like to settle any competing visions, contentions and ambitions within the party, through political means and processes. Therefore not considering everything that happened in the past, we have decided to accord every one the opportunity to present their aspirations and ideas directly to party members.”

Otunnu further announced 7 names of candidates standing for the post of the UPC presidency which he said had been verified by the party electoral commission and will be sent to the members for consideration during the June Delegates Conference.

Among the successful candidates for the presidency of the party included Joseph Bbosa, Sam Wandeka, Jimmy Akena, Prof Edward Kakonge, David Pulkol, Julius Ocen and Benson Obua Ogwal.

“This has not been an easy decision but ultimately I take full responsibility for the decision to include Akena and I hope the party members and public will understand and appreciate the spirit  in which this judgement call has been made,”Otuunu noted.



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